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The Rising Regime

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Theme Setter:

What is a Rapid Advancement RPG Scenario?

First things first we have to talk about the differences between this and other scenarios.

[Rapid Advancement]

This means that advancements and moves will be fast, around 5 advancements per week on average would be ideal. But not to worry, this isn't 5 massive posts to do, you are only expected to write small actions at a time. For example in a battle, you won't be expected to plan the entire battle in one post, instead, you only have to think about your next move for me to respond to. If you find it hard to keep up, your character can temporarily be turned into an NPC upon stagnation or request.


This scenario is entirely character oriented and story-based, this applies to everything from advancements to combat, we will all be authors in this story as well as players. There is no one to beat and nothing to win, as this is not a competition, it is a game. Advancements must be made in-character and not because it would benefit you the most.


This scenario will have a streamlined story, and maybe less open world elements than others. Most everything will be done in order to move the scenario's story, but this isn't to say that your actions have no effect, there a multitude of different endings and paths that can be taken according to your actions. This also means that while this is a game, it is also a scenario, meaning gameplay elements like money won't be here.

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Hundreds of years ago, there were three neighbouring kingdoms competing for power, individually the most powerful nations to have ever existed. No other nation could compete with them, this is because these three Kingdoms has access to two metals that could not be found anywhere else. Detiam and Ironwood. Detiam, a rare enchanted golden metal, capable of cancelling our magic and empowering those who use it. Ironwood, the strongest, the densest substance in the world.

These Kingdoms dominated most of ancient history, borders spanning thousands of miles. But nothing lasts forever, as these three kingdoms raged constant war with each other for hundreds of years, slowing down their progress. And eventually, the rest of the world was able to catch up when black powder was first discovered. Suddenly, the 3 Kingdoms had more to fear than themselves, their power and superiority was put into question. The age of iron had come to an end, the and the Kingdoms were still too busy quarrelling with themselves to notice.

This sparked the age of darkness, the once powerful and revered Kingdoms falling down to the bottom. Their borders shrunk, their gold ran dry. Their Kings were panicked, they could not combat these new weapons and wage war with one another at the same time.

After decades of losing battles, the memory of the mighty kingdoms began to fade. But, hope was not lost as one man was determined to bring his people back to their former glory, he realised that there was no way that his people would ever regain their power alone, so he devised a plan to unite the three kingdoms into one world power, a land that would be named Riget Stal. It took years of diplomacy but eventually, the man was able to achieve his dream of uniting the three kingdoms, but he did not stop there, for who better to rule the new Riget Stal than he who formed it. The man who would later be known as King Saul, seized the kingdom's power for himself and reigned for 5 years, ending the dark age and ushering in a new age of richness.

But as the dukes and noblemen of Riget Stal grew wealthier, its people suffered more and more. The King was charismatic to the masses but to the poor, he was cruel, forced labour, higher taxes, that is how this "great" King achieved his wealth.

Thus started the rebellion, a man who served in the army from before King Saul came to power finally decided to desert, and hide away in the forest recruiting as many like-minded men as possible, they would be known as the Ironwood Rebels, this is where your story begins.


(Placing this here to give you guys an idea of how things will go, don't respond here obviously)

You’ve been living in these rebel outskirts for a few months now, ever since they recruited you into their ranks, you’ve been living out here. There isn’t much to call home, rugged tents, dense trees, the smell of ash, the hundreds of brawny soldiers around you. You’ve grown accustomed to it all, and strangely you feel safe here, safer than before at least.

In exchange for living here, you were expected to have daily training sessions with other ‘special’ people like you, by the leader of the camp himself, Captain Boris Jackson.

But today seems different, usually, you wake up to the sounds of horns in the morning. However, today everyone was summoned, barely dawn.

You find yourself standing shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the men, call themselves the Ironwood Rebels, wondering what the reason was for this sudden meeting.

You didn’t have to wonder long, however, as the Captain began to speak as he paced on his horse back and forth.

“Men!” He shouted in a sombre tone. “We have pillaged, robbed, broken and have generally been a thorn on the King’s side for the past 5 years.” the men around you smile proudly as they hear it, but the Captain continues “But I’m afraid the time for training and petty crimes is over. As you know, we have long feared that the King would finally snap and end his two-faced facade. If the reports we are receiving from River Wood is accurate, I believe that the dreaded day has finally come. The King has always been afraid to get his hands dirty, preferring to scheme behind the shadows, but he is changing tactics. Reports indicate that our brothers in River Wood were recently crushed by the King himself, wearing a full set of pure Detiam armour the likes of which has never been seen.

Our people were slaughtered by our ‘King’ like animals, helpless to stop it.” you detect sadness and bitterness in the Captain’s voice as he pauses, gripping his hands until they go white.

“Our King would rather spend our most treasured resource on his garment, our King that would rather slaughter our people. No more, I say, no more! Today we begin what we have been preparing for. Today we stop being petty thieves, today we take the battle to him! We are the Ironwood Rebels, and our rage will not be quelled so easily. If the King thinks his fancy new golden armour is enough to stop us, then he is a fool. For the flame that resides in my heart will never be snuffed out!” You see the passion and honesty in the Captain’s eyes, and suddenly you feel stronger, energised.

The Captain then unsheathes his sword and holds it high in the air. “Men! Ready yourselves, for today we begin our fight.” The men around you pull out their blades and roar with courage before running back to their tents to gear themselves up. You turn around to do the same but the Captain stops you and the other children that you have been training with. “Hold. You will not partake in this battle.” He commands.

“What?! But I can help, I want to help.” One of the younger ones in your class. “That is not what I mean young one.” The Captain says with a smile as he pays the kid on his head. “You are all special, that is why I trained you, that is why I recruited you. You will have a different task, a more important one than this.” He says as he beckons to a nearby boy you’ve never seen before, by the looks of things is close to your age, as he comes closer you start to see a resemblance to the Captain. “This is my younger brother, Jason. He has extraordinary abilities like we do.” The Captain explains as he places his hand on the kid’s shoulder. “He will be leading this group of extraordinaries, your training was not complete but I have been training Jason since he was a mere toddler, he will serve as a mighty leader for your mission.”

“Which is what exactly?” A hooded girl behind you asks.

“We will be paving the way for the rebels,” Jason answers, grabbing a map on his pouch. The Captain pats Jason on the back “I will leave this to you.” He says reassuringly before he rides off to round up the men.

Jason fidgets with the map nervously, “So, as I was saying, we will be paving the way for the soldiers. See the Captain, er my brother wants to lead a charge directly at the capital but starting from the outskirts that would take months, and when he gets there all of the men would have been wiped out if he gets there at all. So our job is to ride ahead, to use our abilities to break the enemy so that my brother and his men could easily zip through the kingdom.” Jason explains while showing the route you will be taking on the map. “Well, that sounds kinda stupid.” The girl from earlier comments, “We’re basically untrained, barely adults, and you expect us to chop through all of the King’s defences? We aren’t the only people with abilities you know.”

Jason looks down sheepishly, “Well, I-I know this sounds stupid. But we have a plan, we’re going to detour to the Northern states so that we can buy weapons that even the King won’t have. And we’ll have the element of surprise.” He says attempting to sound reassuring. “To be honest, I’m not perfectly convinced either.” A blonde boy in tattered clothes says “But y’know, this whole Detiam armour thing seems really unexpected. So I guess this is our best bet.” He decides. “Yeah, exactly,” Jason says unsure. The blonde boy puts on a goofy grin and pats Jason on the back “We’re all gonna be fine, I mean what’s the worse that could happen?” He reassured Jason.

The youngest among you then steps forward and declares confidently “Yeah! I believe in this plan too, even if it sounds stupid. Because I trust the Captain.”

The meeting goes on for a bit longer as you discuss more details amongst yourself, but soon the extraordinaries adjourn as they ready to leave. You have a few minutes until you have to set off however, what do you do with it?

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The Setting:

Time Period:

This will take place around the late 18th century, think American Revolution. However, the kingdom in which this story takes place will be outdated for its time, so there will be a mix of armoured soldiers with swords and plated soldiers with muskets, people will still use shields commonly in a world canons exist in. This will be similar to Japan during the Meji Period, so battles could look like this.

Riget Stal:

Riget Stal is a nation under rapid development, here you will find many extremes. Your characters will start at the nation's boarder's, Ironwood Forest, technology there is crude and underdeveloped, you will find it to be akin to middle medieval age tech. But as you move closer to the capital, things will get more and more developed. People from the outskirts will be like Vikings, then it will transition to Knights, then to Conquistadors then to Civil War era soldiers when you reach the gates of the capital. The size of this nation will be the size of Norway + Sweden.


Powers here are genetic and magically in nature. Back in the days of magic, there were two kinds of magical humans, mages and champions. Mages practised magic while champions were enhanced by it. But the mages soon died out and so did champions, however, the genes of these champions passed on and are what gives people powers today. There is no official name for people with powers in this world, they are called extraordinaries, gifted, freaks, or simply people with abilities. Most people actually have dormant Champion genes but those with active genes gain superpowers, but the Champion gene does not only give the gifted superpowers, but it also extends what is considered peak human.

People with powers are ranked according to power like this

Omega Level - No known upper limit

A Class - Up to Small Country level power

B Class - Up to Town level power

C Class - Up to Tower level power

Z Class - No destructive capabilities

Null - No superpowers, just extended physical abilities

Characters at the edges of their class get a + added to their classification. So if you are exactly capable of demolishing a town, you would be B+, any less then you would be B Class and any more and you would be A-Class. Your characters are allowed to be C+ class at max.

The reason your characters will be young is that there have been more enhanced people being born with active abilities than before. There used to be a 0.05% chance of developing superhuman abilities, but the chances raised to 3.5% during this generation. Out of the gifted, 50% are Null, 25% are Z Class, 14% is C Class, 7% are B Class, 3.9% are A-Class and 0.1% are Omega level.

No Caption Provided

Build Rules:


  • Build around a character or a backstory, not a power.
  • Build your backstory around this setting.
  • Make a build to have fun in this world, not to just to battle.
  • It will be best if your character was poor and between the ages of 14-19 as it makes sense within this universe.
  • You don't have to build strong, even if your guy is weak, if you are fun to host then you will have plot armour.

Power Limits

You have two options either you have one strong power or two weak ones. You can use a special skill or a special skill as your power as this scenario will not provide them, for example, you can take Batman's martial arts as your power.

One Power Limits

  • Your damage capability is maxed out at building\tower level.
  • Your power cannot amp your stats 2x or more.
  • Your power cannot allow you to survive decapitation.
  • Maximum range for power would be 10 miles.
  • No game breaking powers such as power stealing, power copying, telepathy, time manipulation, death manipulation, reality warping, portal creation etc.

Two Power Limits

  • Your damage capability is maxed out at house level each.
  • Your power cannot amp your stats 1.5x or more.
  • Your power cannot allow you to survive a gun shot to the heart.
  • Maximum range for power would be 5 miles.
  • If you have a power such as invisibility or intangibility you cannot attack while activating it.
  • No game breaking powers such as power stealing, power copying, telepathy, time manipulation, death manipulation, reality warping, portal creation etc.

Body Limits:

  • Maximum Mach 1 speed.
  • Maximum 10-ton strength, both lifting and striking.
  • Maximum tank busting durability.
  • Maximum healing would be surface level.
  • Maximum senses would be bloodhound level.

Gear Limits

  • You cannot have specialized gear, however, you can say that you have gear that is commonly accessible in this setting as long as you mention it right out of the bat.
  • Maximum of 1 long range, 1 mid range, 1 close range, 1 defensive and 1 non-combat applicable gear at a time.
  • Tech level of your gear will be Viking level, so you can have a bow\ax\sword\shield etc, crude stuff.

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Res me yo

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@major_hellstrom: quick done

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Rae Nascent:

Born in the slums on the outskirts of Riget Stal, Rae has lived by no means an easy life. A typical street urchin, Rae was born to a poor family headed by a drunken, abusive father. As terrible an upbringing as it sounds there is no need to pity him. It is the type of childhood the vast majority of people on the outskirts lived through. Rae's life was difficult to most, but to the citizens of his poor town, it was nothing out of the ordinary, not even worthy of a second glance. After his mother suffered and eventually succumbed to illness, Rae's father worsened. He drunk more, he worked less, and the beatings got more severe. Not wanting to take his chances, Rae fled, opting instead to eke out a living on his own strength. It was a poorly thought out choice. Rae eventually chose to pickpocket and steal from others to survive. Sometimes he was successful, and sometimes the beatings he would get were worse than anything his father did to him. Truthfully, he would have died on those streets if things were left as they were. This is why Rae was as thankful as he was when his ability awakened.

Invisibility and scent concealment. That was the power that Rae had gained. It wasn't flashy. Rae could never lead an army into battle with the power that he possessed, but to him, it was an ability more important than any other. It was this ability that quite literally saved his life. He could take what little he needed to survive without fear of being caught. Before this point, finding enough food to last him until tomorrow was all that was on his mind. It was all he could afford to spend the energy thinking about. Now, though, he could set his sights on his future. He now had the time to dwell on what he wanted to do with his life. He racked his brain but could never come up with an answer that satisfied him. He didn't want to join the army. The army that fought at the whims of those bastards in those towers that didn't give a damn about any of us. He didn't want to use his abilities for the mafia or the crime syndicates that controlled much of the poorer areas. They took advantage of the downtrodden to line their pockets. Even though Rae was a serial thief, he did what he did out of necessity, not greed. But then, what did that leave him with? He could start his own business, or work an honest job for someone else, but he honestly disliked the idea of that more than joining the military, and he didn't know why. There was nothing wrong with living an honest life, so why did the thought of it leave him with such a hole in his heart?

Years passed by, and Rae grew up, still unsure of what to do with his gift and his life. Sometime along the way he'd heard that his father had died. A drunken brawl outside some bar or another. Rae didn't particularly care either way. The old man had never given Rae a reason to love him as a parent, to begin with.

Another day, another loaf of bread stolen from the front of a shop. It should've been a day like any other. Walk up to the shop, grab the loaf, and walk away. Nobody had stopped him before. Nobody had even noticed him before. By all rights today shouldn't have been different, but it was. He felt eyes on him as he walked up to the stand. Was his mind playing tricks on him? He turned around, more to ease his own mind than to find the cause of the distress. He expected to see nothing, but instead, he saw a cloaked man staring back at him. He'd never seen this guy before. Did he forget to activate his ability? No, looking down at his feet and seeing nothing but the ground below assured him of that. So how...? No, if his invisibility was active, then it wasn't possible for him to be noticed. The man must simply be zoned out and staring off into space coincidentally in his direction. That had to be it. Reassured, Rae returned to his task, grabbed a loaf, and walked off down the street. The man waited a few seconds, and then, to Rae's surprise, began to walk after him. A cold sweat began to emerge from Rae's spine, reverberating through his body. Not quite understanding why Rae took off in an attempt to escape, and somehow surprisingly and unsurprisingly at the same time, the cloaked figure followed, breaking into a run of his own. Despite being invisible. Rae was eventually cornered in the alleyway, the strange man standing in front of him. This would be Rae's first meeting with a member of the Ironwood Rebels, and Rae's first step down the path that would shape his both his destiny and the destiny of the empire he lived in as a whole.


Rae is 18, and one of the older 'children' in the Rebels. He is looked up to by some of the younger members of the group, but his lackadaisical attitude towards most things leaves him wanting in many areas of being an effective role model. Rae is also one of the last picked when it comes to combat drills and is usually not picked at all, leaving him to be with the team who ran out of any other choices. This isn't because he is weak, but because he is both lazy and extremely hard to find, making him annoying for his teammates and opponents alike. Usually in games of tag or capture the flag, he will be the last member left of his team, neither attacking the enemy and aiding his team or surrendering to the enemy off the bat. More than once has a round been unnecessarily extended because Rae was sleeping or otherwise absentmindedly sitting in a tree. Despite this, he is well liked, and an extremely dangerous ambush hunter when he puts his mind to it. He can't raize a town overnight or defeat an army singlehandedly like some of the others around him can, but in terms of assassinations there are few who can match his pedigree... when he feels like putting in the effort, that is.

Behind the scenes, though, Rae feels as though the Bandits have finally given him both the home and the goal he's always wanted. Because of this, when the going gets rough, he will protect the Bandits by any means necessary. Fortunately, the need for that hasn't come yet, so none but Rae himself knows about how far he's truly willing to go.

Rae often makes jokes and would rather think about what's for dinner instead of seriously mapping out plans of attack, but his charismatic, easy-going nature leaves him decently well liked in spite of that.

Build - One Power Build:

Body - Tatsu Frampt

Power - Robin Hood's No Face May King

Gear - Bow/Arrows (finite amount of Ironwood-tipped arrows) (Long), Throwing Knives (Medium), Short Sword (Short), Buckler (Defensive), Canteen(s) of water (Non-combat)

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@just_banter: If your power is just invisibility, you can probably get away with getting the 2 power package.

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@major_hellstrom: It is full invisibility that also covers the user's scent and any weapon used is also invisible even if it's not in contact with the user (so arrows and thrown weapons would still be invisible). You also can't attack while invisible with the double power set which is why I'm keeping single.

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Hmm build limits seem a little wierd. Why just mach 1 speed

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@emperorthanos-: Mach 1 is fast though, this speed refers to how fast you can move consistently (travel and combat speed).

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@major_hellstrom: Given the other limits, it seems low. I assume it doesnt affect reactions then?

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@emperorthanos-: Odd, strength limits were actually lower before but someone requested for it to be increased because of the speed limits. Yeah, doesn’t really limit reaction speed, I imagine people who can fight at Mach 1 have bullet timing reaction speeds

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@major_hellstrom: Hmmm this sounds fun. If allowed, where would you put the Power of Customization? This is basically an ability that lets the user Customize any non-living thing. Through this customization, various buffs can be added onto gear to increase one's stats (within limits of course), add resistances to various debuffs like poisons and even chance the user's environment. For example, he could customize a pile of rocks to create a building or a tower. The limit of customize is based on the quality of the materials. If he is poor and can only access the basic necessities of life, his customizations will be much weaker. Eventually he will have to find a way to get better materials so he can make better items/gear/dwellings.

For combat purposes, this ability isn't as useful as throwing a fireball but it can still be extremely useful. By customizing the ground belong someone, various pitfalls and traps can be made. Walls can be erected to block attacks or stones launched to crush opponents. Depending on the available resources if their are items or materials (monster corpses for example) with elemental affinities, he could customize those affinities into his weapons; so he could have a fire sword or something.

What do you think?

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@mass: Well you can’t break any of the limits using buffs, so the power should be fine. But it seems game breaking to be, like too versatile and a good potential for deus ex machina type stuff. I’ll allow it if you pick one of these nerfs to apply to it.

1. You can’t create anything taller than a human vertically or horizontally, so like your customisation would have an area of 6 feet by 6 feet.

2. You can’t buff anything with elements.

3. You have arrow level speed.

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No Caption Provided


Character Backstory

Soon after being born, a baby was left on the steps of the Order of Bijou, mystic monks charged with maintaining good order between the spirit world and the human world. As was tradition the baby was given a short yet beautiful name, Azure, and they raised her as one of their own. The monks were delighted to know that she held the potential for magic within her. She grew up having to keep up with the increasing demand of the Bijou monks, but through sheer stubbornness she eventually overcame every trial set before her. From learning to unlock her true powers to realizing her specialty of healing to eventually broadening her abilities to the full spectrum of powers all happened before she even reached the age of 15. Unfortunately her rapid ascent left her no friends among her peers. The gulf widened even further once she became the youngest in recent memory to pass the infamous Moh's Trial becoming a full fledged Bijou monk.

While she had grown up as a Bijou, she never quite fully grasped some of the prevalent mindset within the Order. At this point many of them isolated themselves to only interact with spirits and the occasional human(under very specific conditions); Azure herself wished more than anything else to become a miraculous warrior that would heal and protect the common people however possible. She could not stand sitting around the monastery spending all of her free time, outside of training, either meditating upon spiritual matters, debating philosophy, or tending to chores. After hearing about a little boy from the nearby village going missing in the mountains, Azure set off by herself to look for him. It took a week of searching to track the boy to a brigand's camp within a cave system in the mountains. They planned to ransom the boy, but Azure would have none of it. Using the self-defense measures taught to her and actualizing a sword straight from a heroic saga she was fond of, she managed to easily cut down the brigands returning the boy back to his parents.

What she found upon arriving back at the Bijou Order's monastery haunts her to this day. Piles of dead bodies, full-fledged monks and others alike, strewn all across the premises, and hundreds of strange armored people defecating the sacred halls of the Bijou. Only her old master, Emerald, appearing before her to fend off a group of the enemy soldiers could stop her from trying to seek vengeance herself. He ordered her to evacuate the last few remaining children out of there. Her and the children half her age made their escape in anguish. It was only weeks later, when Azure had found the children a safe village to hide in, that she even found out the reason for the unprovoked attack by Riget Stal. Apparently the Bijou Order was an organization of power and knowledge too big for the king to ignore due to their unwillingness to bend to his orders. Not wanting to fall into despair, Azure put all of her hope into revenge as she sought to join the rebels to fight back against those that took everyone and everything she had ever knew away from her. One day she promised to restore the Bijou Order to its former glory, yet it would have to wait until she ended the reign of the king.

Build- One Power, One Skill

  • Body: Ultimate Jessica Drew
  • Power: Nynaeve's channeling abilities(Wheel of Time)
  • Skill: Shingu Hayato(Project ARMS)
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@major_hellstrom: you’re right, with this ability he could become extremely versatile and now that I reread the rules, it comes too close to the no power copying rule.

I have several other ideas lol. Do you want me to post them or pm them to you?

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@mass: You can post them here but if you don’t want anyone to see then you can PM

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Reserve me

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@manaman: Like a full blown dragon?

You can be a humanoid dragon and you can transform into a dragon, if that’s what you mean.

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@major_hellstrom: yes an actual dragon, a small one, like 15-20 feet. I'll give up my skill and gear to have the body of a dragon. I'm a dragon I dont need martial arts or a sword.

I have the perfect power for a dragon and all my stats and stuff are the same as everyone else's. I'm just a dragon.

Please oh it would be so fun!!!!

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@manaman: I’ll give a tentative green light. Also for story purposes you should probably know that mages and magic creatures seemingly went extinct thousands of years ago.

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Just gonna reserve a post here. Will come back later tonight to make an application.

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@major_hellstrom: Ill reserve a spot. Though I may not be able to find a body that fits.

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Reserve please, I'll make a character tonight if I'm allowed in.

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Reserve a spot plz

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@emperorthanos-: Someone like Deadpool would likely be a good example for the kind of body you would aim for

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@coachdt: Who are you?

Long time lurker (been checking for years, just don't have the will to battle) but saw the concept and it looked fun enough to make an account for.

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@emperorthanos-: Yes

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@major_hellstrom: Alright and for it's say max 1 long range. But could I get like a set of shurikens? you can decide how many.

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@emperorthanos-: How many do ninjas usually carry? That’s how much you get

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@emperorthanos-: How many do ninjas usually carry? That’s how much you get

There isn't really a fixed amount. Usually it's seemingly endless in fiction.

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@emperorthanos-: I meant in real world. I’ll give you 15.

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!So free we were.
!So free we were.

Harrow Marksyn II

Oh how I loved her so, such a sight, her unbound beauty inequity in it's most solid form. Yes! Yes... but this visage afforded to me during this dream was just that, a dream... Poor poor Harrow. How does this existence mean so much to others but so little to me? I feel nothing, nothing but laughter. Contagious, wonderful and fitful laughing! It is constant, whether in a dream or at noon!

Sweet mother, I am the only rightful one for the safe keeping of your soul and cleansing of your corpse.

You do exist there... over there, in the far reaches and hidden compartments of that kingdom. I will find you. Harrow promises you!

And I promise even in great tribulation and mounting odds, and even if the Gods themselves opposed my purpose, I will find you! I will get you. All to me, all to myself, all to Harrow.

Many forces who opposed I, Harrow Marksyn II, whether they bled red like you -- (during that consuming hell that swarmed you that night and the wretched God that allowed the suffering to last! AAAGHGGHHAA oh how it lasted!..... and only then found it time to ensnare your very soul and retrieve you from a stiff and charring brutality) -- or as I do to this day, and whether they weren't of the same mortal chains that we are tied to and their biology functioned differently than ours, many have attempted to relieve of my search for you through force, and even more diplomatic means, and thus, many have fallen by my blade.

The warring kingdom and rebels have found their way into my venture. They have complicated and detoured my route to you even more! Idiots! Imbeciles! They're so funny, mother! They are so funny and so wrong. All of them!

Harrow didn't sleep much this past night, like many night, and just when I found the rest I so needed, we were prodded awake forcefully with a thunderous sound. I rose to my feet begrudgingly and a laugh from within me is incited as I see the other campers scurrying about in a respectful effort to form a circle around the Captain's commands.

[I sleep in a tent a good many feet away from the others; their incessant snoring and late night bed time shenanigans are not funny. All I can focus on is the edge of my knife being pressed into their flesh, their throat my chosen target. Simple and slow pressure as I assure at least half of the metal is fully inserted and clamp by gloved hand over their mouth. They're screams and cries of certain agony muffled; you'd be surprised how strong an individual can be when acting out in desperation, so I've altered and better prepared the angle in which crouch beside their bed rails, and how I position myself for the most dominant posturing while I watch them leave to meet the Charion. No slashing, no stabbing, no slicing, no, no.... Harrow offers them a quiet death, for selfish reasons. Choking on their own blood is a much more desirable background noise than snoring.

I just cannot stand snoring. Sick bastards who can live with themselves knowing they are impossible to bed with. I once knew a girl who I had brief relations/altercations with. The evil whore too snored right beside me. I plunged my knife in her hole twenty seven times to assure silence, and I indeed did sleep quite soundly following. A bit of a mess to clean up the next morning but I was thankful for the full night's rest I got that night. Oh but tis is quite the imagining but Harrow would never act on it.]

I too will show the Captain respect and align alongside my fellow brothers and sisters in this time of fantastic war and great turmoil. "Harrow Marksyn at your service, Captain!" I exclaim while finding my place at the far ed of the line that had already formed. His directions fell on my ears clear as this day. However my mind was simultaneously elsewhere, knowing that my opportunity for what I so longed for was well within reach. The rebellion and the King's forces would no doubt wage a massive war but none of this matters to me. The same words repeated over and over in my mind, with interchanged adverbs but essentially the imminent reconnection between my sweet mother and I, played itself out in my head. There's usually a lot going on in there, but here, not much at all except the embrace of her and I. I look down at my gloved hands and recall where I believe I saw her placed last, and begin mumbling just soft enough to barely hear my own voice.

"I'm coming Mother".

"I Am Coming."


This should fit. 2 lower powers, one is a skill.

Body - King Bradley

Gear - Ebony Knife

Power 1 - Noob Saibot Power

Power 2 - Aaron Hallam Hunting/Combat/Survival

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This is okay.

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@major_hellstrom: Great Scenario

Introducing Lee Kenway

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  • Body: Nightcrawler (Marvel 616)
  • Power: Shadow Clone (Noob Saibot)
  • Skill( 2nd Power): Trevor Belmont (Castlevania)
  • Gear: Ironwood Whip, Simple Steel Sword, Musket Pistol (W/ ammo strapped across belt), Water Canteen

Who is Lee Kenway?

(Coming Soon(

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