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Trion Juggernaut, Mangog, H/P Doomsday, Final Form Ultron, Space Punisher Hulk

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Space Punisher Hulk

H/P Doomsday

Trion Juggernaut

Final Form Ultron

Mangog (disregarding his jobber status as of late)

Top is weakest, bottom is strongest.

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  1. H/P Doomsday (weakest)
  2. Trion Juggernaught
  3. Mangog
  4. FF Ultron
  5. Space Punisher Hulk (strongest)
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Magnog Easily strongest

Trion Juggs

Space punisher Hulk



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Does Trion even have any actual feats besides this whole notion of him "Punching into reality"?