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Rank them from best to worst out of the following;

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Agility
  • Skill
  • Intelligence
  • Equipment (weapons, suit, gadgets, etc...)

Battle 1: Who win in an all out fight

Battle 2: This time just hand to hand, no weapons, armor, etc

  • Fighting in an MMA octagon
  • Who wins? Explain your reasoning below

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Which versions?

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@vertigo-: At their best just no mumbo jumbo. You can use feats from pre, post and new.

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With morals Dick is the best, without morals Jason.

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  1. Dick
  2. Jason
  3. Tim
  4. Damian

A morals on Dick can defeat morals off Jason

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Dick is the best out of the 4, be it morals on or off. Followed by Jason, Damien and then Tim. Although it should be noted that Tim is the most intelligent out of them.

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@king-ragnar: Tim already fodderized Damien twice, the brat is still only 10 years old

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Strength: Jason, Dick, Tim, Damian

Endurance: Dick=Jason, Damian, Tim

Agility: Dick, Damian, Tim, Jason

Skill(h2h I assume?): Dick, Jason, Damian, Tim

Intelligence: Tim, Damian, Dick, Jason

Equipment(best at utilizing I assume): Tim, Jason, Damian, Dick

In an all out fight with all weapons no prep. Comes down to Jason or Dick. Dick is the more skilled one, but Jason is far better at utilizing weapons to his advantage.

Strictly h2h, Dick outlasts the others.

If it were a fight involving prep I'd give the nod to Tim, he'd utilize the time before the fight the best.

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Strength: Jason (especially with venom), Dick, Tim, Damian

Endurance: Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian

Agility: Dick (unreal speed feats), Jason, Damian, Tim

Skill: Jason (bested people Dick couldn't IIRC) Dick, Damian, Tim

Intelligence: Tim, Damian, Dick, Jason

Equipment: Jason (bullets and blades that can pierce almost anything), Dick, Tim, Damian

In an all out fight, close range in an octagon I think Dick is going to be super dangerous given his speed feats. He's fast enough to dodge bullets with ease, but if Jason tags him it's probably over. Tim's not physically on par with Jason and Dick and Damian has some growing up to do before he's a real threat either.

No gear Dick wins pretty handily, Jason's not quite agile enough to contend with Dick (who has reacted to speedsters and impressed Supergirl with his speed) and the other two aren't on the same level consistently.

I think Tim would do the best in a scenario with prep, but Damian gets the short end of the stick in virtually every scenario unless it's future Damian.

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  1. Dick
  2. Jason
  3. Tim
  4. Damian

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Strength - Jason, Dick, Tim, Damian
Endurance - Dick, Jason, Damian, Tim
Agility - Dick, Jason, Damian, Tim
Skill - Dick, Jason/Damian, Tim
Intelligence - Tim, Damian, Dick, Jason
Equipment - Dick/Jason, Tim, Damian