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Short & Sweet Story

Raditz has come to Asgard and wishes to fight Thor. Simple Story. Nuff Said.(Why or how he would know about Asgard is unknown =p)


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Morals Off


No Prep(Like it would Matter)

Battle takes place in Asgard on the Rainbow Bridge.


If this is spite on Thor then he can get his fellow Avengers:Captain America & Iron Man(Mark VII) to assist

If this is spite on Raditz, then he gets a Saibemen(Same exact powerlevel as Raditz, but much lower power output)

P.S.- That pic of Thor is soo bad@$$

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Thor in the movie is a very weak version of himself. He is nowhere near the level he was in the comics and Radditz would punch a hole right through him without any problem.

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@logy5000 said:


LOL, very true. Radditz can catch bullets... o.o

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Thor should win here, Raditz is arguably the weakest of all the Dragon Ball characters, If Kid Gohan could weaken him so much, One smack from Mjolnir should end him.

You could argue that Raditz is faster and has better relfexes, true but Thor defeated the Destroyer and wiped out hundreds of Frost Giants single-handedly.

Movie Thor would beat him, but if it were Comic Thor, it's an ultimate stomp...

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Raditz should stomp here

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@Alyssabird: I don't know much about Raditz, so I just kinda go off of what others say.

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Ya'lls face when you realize that Movie Thor is weaker and more useless than a Raditz

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@Alyssabird said:

@logy5000 said:


LOL, very true. Radditz can catch bullets... o.o

Movie Thor was that fast too.

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Raditz curbstomps.

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Moderate Blasts from Raditz make mountains disappear. I love Thor but he's not standing up to that.

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Wait... movie Thor is fast enough to catch bullets? Someone said that?

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good day

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Raditz is too fast, but his DO and striking feats are not very impressive.

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Isn't this banned? Raditz stomps

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Raditz with ease btw

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Raditz stomps

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Didn't Raditz blow up a planet ? If so he wins low diff.

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@sladeracer: Raditz has never blown up a planet. The first dbz character to destroy a planet in canon was Frieza.

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Raditz one shots the MCU.

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Raditz stomps.

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Raditz godstomps.

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