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In this gauntlet the test will be for speed in different aspects of itself as a trait.

Round 1 - Race around earth (First lap will be running vs running. the second lap will be running vs flying)

Round 2 - Who can take out 1,000 Ultron bots first?

Round 3 - Both stuck in ice,who gets out first? (No heat vision or nova burst)

Round 4 - Who is more likely to stop a Tornado?

Who wins?

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Evans Peters QS vs Helen Slater Supergirl?:P

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My girl Kara. All rounds

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Kara... maybe?

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I think Supergirl wins all four rounds.

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@amu0003 said:

@fallschirmjager: Evans Peters vs Melissa benoist.

Wait, the show isn't even out yet is it? How are we supposed to judge on a show that hasn't come out yet?

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Which versions? Comics Supergirl stomps all rounds.

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Could be wrong but I remember that it took Quicksilver 96 seconds to run a lap around the earth. So Kara should win

Round 2: Supergirl

Round 3: Supergirl

Round 4: Probably Supergirl

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Kent all rounds

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@randomsid: because i have the leaked pilot episode and can't describe its awesomeness! `

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Supergirl stomp every round

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@amu0003: She got trashed by a guy with an axe in the pilot, and was flying nowhere near fast enough to compare with quicksilver. She has no fighting skills and minimal control over her powers. TV Kara is no powerhouse.

Thus, if its TV series, Quicksilver wins 1 and 2, with Kara taking 3 and 4.

If its comics however, Kara wins all rounds easily.

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@mrmxyzptlk: Since no versions are specified in the OP, we use the current comic versions of both characters.

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@klaus: In that case its a horrific stomp.

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hah. just wait till end of season 1 and u'll see kara being strong as hell. just look at CW flash

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@mrmxyzptlk: The axe weilding guy was a kryptonian criminal vartox with the same strength hiding on the earth.

Axe was also made up of some kryptonian material which could kill kryptonians.

And that was the first fight of kara still she won easily.

I think you havent watched the pilot properly

Watch again with subtitles.

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