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Fight takes place here on this deserted island:

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No morals, fight until the death. Each character is 3 miles apart, each on one side of the island.

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Can he tag Pietro?

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I'm goin with my second favorite mutant.

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Hercules 10/10
Hercules 10/10
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Hercules wins. I don't think there's much Pietro can do to hurt classic Herc.

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Herc wins. He's tagged Quicksilver before and he has enough strength to take him out.

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I was gonna say, how would Quicksilver put down the Prince of Power?

Hercules has massive stamina and strength enough to pound the ground causing a quake.

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Hercules. The best quicksilver can do is avoid him. Herc is equal to thor in strength and durability and I just don't see quicksilver hurting him.

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Hercules easy.

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Gerald, the scan even has Herc saying that QS is slowing down due to his concern with Wanda. Then there is the fact that the QS from the scan was a lot slower that the QS shown in the image at the top of the page. The QS at the top of the page appears to be the uniform he wore in the later (Busiek) Avengers series after his exposure to Element X, which vastly increased his speed from the hundreds of mph to thousands of mph. Herc still wins because QS could not effectively hurt Hercules and Herc will never grow tired as his muscles do not produce fatigue poisons. QS will tire and then he's done.

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Herc wins in a ok fight.

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stalemate or herc

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Stalmeate. Hercules is not tagging Quicksilver.

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Lol Hercules should win handily tbh.

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Hercules via AOE

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Herc sinks the island

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@blackpantherisb: Sucks for Herc then, because Quicksilver can run on water. Herc can tread for as long as he likes, but swimming around isn't the best position to find yourself in.

Unless the rules prohibit them from leaving the vicinity of the island (whether it's sunk or not), this has gotta eventually go to Quicksilver, who can leave the island and arrive back very quickly after finding something that can help him. Otherwise Herc wins, since QS doesn't have the endurance to avoid Hercules forever.

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@allablaze: you’re massively underselling him. Classic Hercules is an Uber brick in the same tier as the Hulk and Juggernaut. There’s no way for Quicksilver to win this one and Hercules can tag him.

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4100 the post of mine says Hercules