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Who would win? Who do you like better?

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Batman, I think.

Punisher he's very crazy and he has a great weapon stuff and skill, but batman can do WITHOUT weapn and has mastered many more martial art. Beside of that, he has greater detective skill and faced caracter with near-cosmic power, he could take Castle even thought the marine badass has no remorse for killing. (Many of the ennemies of Wayne have no boundaries about killing as well, after all.)

I like him, but, Good-bye punisher !

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well lets think batman was a martial artis punisher was a cammander war vet punisher took on spiderman batman needs to use gadgets to win agaist alot of people and batman had his back broke by Bain who was just a guy on steroids basicly punisher has broken skulls with his fist punisher has alot more exsperiance than batman more cut throat and while batman lost his parents Frank lost his family so punisher has more to fight and live for punisher has a much higher pain tolerance than batman he can get shot and just pull the bullet out like nothing batman gets punched by Havey Dent and gets knocked out as for who scarier punisher takes that hands down punisher has fought ninjas befor wher so stealth isnt batmans strong point. So in the end punisher wins.