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round 1: h2h battle in a large open flat space no weapons but armor and nonoffensive Gadgets are allowed I.e Prometheus's information download thing

round 2: 1 hour prep where taskmaster and Prometheus have full knowledge of one another And standard gear fight takes place in Block of flats where one starts at the bottom and the other at the top

round 3: 1 week of prep for both full knowledge of one another and they have standard gear + whatever else they can come up with within the week to defeat their opponent fight in an abandoned city where they begin on the roofs of neighbouring office blocks

all fights to the death

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Prometheus. He defeated Batman and the JLA.

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I go with prometheus. he's beaten a decent list of toughies. taskmaster seriously jobbed to Mr.X

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It's got to be Prometheus.

He stomped all over Lady Shiva, IIRC

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Prometheus kicked Lady Shiva's ass in three panels. He takes it easily.

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Prometheus in a sweep.

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@XiiX: Wow!