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What if Goku was completely incapacitated and accepts Kami's offer of help leading to the other fighters getting involved?

SCENARIO #1: Those wimpy contestants Kami, Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, and Chi-Chi will fight Piccolo first.

SCENARIO #2: Mighty Muten Roshi does 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and runs 100 kilometers on the spot then ends up fighting Piccolo by himself. Toei/Modern Dragon Ball logic is included.

Who wins in the end?

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R1 One demon wave and they are gone

R2 Buff Roshi with mid difficulty

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Roshi's full power kamehameha is the teams only hope

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Scenario #1: Piccolo should take it low/mid diff. He was weakened at this point so I don't see why they couldn't put up a bit of a fight given Piccolo's reactions to Krillin.

Scenario #2: Buff Turtle Hermit never fought anyone until rof, he might've been trainin' that thing all DBZ anyway. But sure, he stomps with these rules I guess.

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@gaoron said:

R1 One demon wave and they are gone

R2 Buff Roshi with mid difficulty

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Scenario 1, Piccolo kills them all.

Scenario 2, Roshi is suddenly Frieza level, and one shots.