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Poll: Pep-talk force Flash vs DCAU Batman (20 votes)

Barry 75%
Bruce 25%
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#1 Posted by AllStarSuperman (41614 posts) - - Show Bio

Pep Talk Barry is unbeatable, until the next episode.

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#3 Posted by blackpantherisb (5093 posts) - - Show Bio

Obvious spite, pep talk Barry is a MFTL team buster

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#4 Posted by TheWatcherKing (15757 posts) - - Show Bio

Pep talk flash solos the dcau

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#7 Posted by TheSpartanB345T (3174 posts) - - Show Bio

wtf so much spite.

With peptalks Barry can't lose because the episode is ending.

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Pep Talk Barry is almost as OP as Telling Arrow that hes about to fail this city.

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Mismatch.Pep talk Barry stomps.