Orochi VS Marugori

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Marugori via actual feats.

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Marugori has the best feats in the manga besides Boros and Saitama, though you could argue Orochi wins because he is implied to be above elder centipede who has the best best feats after Marugori.

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Orochi with absolutely no difficulty. This thread shows that you really aren't even a little knowledgeable about the OPM powerscale.

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Based on feats, Orochi gets pounded. But obviously the King of Monsters will trash him.

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@awshucks: Marugori has never fought anyone but Saitama and did not work for the monster association, so Orochi does not scale to him. Orochi only scales to members of the monster association and characters he or his followers have defeated.

Orochi should probably be stronger, but don’t act like any scaling has confirmed it as of yet.

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Marugori should win by feats, but in verse logic dictates that Orochi should win with relative ease.

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@awshucks: Bitch Please you really think that i don't know that Orochi is Above Dragon and Tatsumaki it is not certain that she can defeat him and even Normal Punch can't kill him. Marugori has no chance and this Thread is just another Mismatch like what I always do and yeah i know OPM Powerscale infinite times more than you and if you have problem in this you can go fuck yourself away from me

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@endless_dark Locking this thread and warning you to refrain from inflammatory language. If I see you make a post like that again then you're getting banned.