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Oliver has one explosive arrow and 10 regular arrows.

The Defenders have standard Gear.

Oliver enters a Walmart from the backdoor and the Defenders enter through the front doors.

They know Ollie has arrows and know he's dangerous but don't know exactly how skilled he is. They do know however that he has one explosive arrow.

Oliver has knowledge on all Defenders.

All of Walmart can be used to hide and move around.

Who wins? Does Oliver track and pick them off or do the Defenders find and kill Ollie using teamwork and the numbers game?

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Oliver can only win if he’s willing to kill, and even then, his chances are small.

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Mismatch. Luke or Dardevil would beat him.

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The Defenders

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I mean, 1 explosive arrow is certainly not putting down Luke. So, he solos?

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The Defenders.

I don't care how good at stealth Oliver Queen is, Daredevil's senses will detect him. From there, it's all a matter of teaming up on him and overwhelming him.