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Poll: Old School Cartoon Tournament of Power (2 votes)

Danny Phantom universe 50%
American Dragon Jake Long 0%
Power Puff Girls 0%
Gargoyles 0%
LILO and Stitch 50%
Avatar the Last Airbender 0%
Samurai Jack 0%
Dexter’s Lab 0%

Each Childhood cartoon is its own universe that brings its 5 best into this tournament of Power.

They all have 2 weeks of notice.

Starts just like the Top.


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Dexter's lab and powerpuff girls have too much toon force to be taken seriously. Dexter could probably solo with 2 weeks of prep or the PPG would win especially if they are at the top of their game. Next would be Samurai Jack Aku is OP (actually if this is Odin, Vishnu, Zeus and the Darkness they probably stomp), Danny Phantom is probably next due to decent hax followed by Avatar. I don't remember enough about the others to really compare them.