Old King Thor vs Nyx vs Odin

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Old King Thor (current run but without the Phoenix Force) vs Nyx (current one that just defeated the Avengers and gods) vs Odin (Fresh off of an Odinsleep)

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Round 1: Normal morals, no BFR

Round 2: No morals, no BFR

- Battle is in Asgard

- No destroyer allowed

- Win by death, KO, or incapacitation

- They're all aware of each others capabilities

- They all have weapons that they typically use in battle (currently)

Who wins?

N.B. I am aware that she has limited feats but her character as a whole has been around since 1991 and she's been/going to be rather impressive it appears. I'll bump it incrementally as she gets new feats.

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If Nyx doesn't have the power to beat these two I'm gonna be disappointed in Marvel. Nyx is suppose to make Zeus look like a baby god

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Nyx defeated Zeus (a peer of Odin's) in her weakest form. She beats both quite quickly IMO. Can't wait to see her full power.

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Nyx should theoretically stomp

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It's Odin for now. Nyx has nothing concrete to suggest anything at the moment and I've learned not to fall for new character hype.

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Featwise, Odin, theoretically Nxy stomps.

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Nxy owned Nightmare in his own realm. It was in chaos war or an event before it.

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Thor solos

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Yeah, stomping Olympus isn't anything. Zeus was praising the power of the Avengers, which speaks volumes to his nerf. Odin actually has feats that don't require scaling.

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If King Thor goes all out he should solo. Tell me when Nyx could fair with Galan.

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If this is current Odin, he dies first in an horribly and laughably manner

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Either nyx or okt

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Scaling off of Zeus means nothing here as he is evidently not as powerful as Odin.

I haven’t seen anything from Nyx that puts her above Prime Odin.

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@jay_z94: how nyx will fare against likes of wonder woman ?

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Nyx would win easily

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It was mentioned that the Olympians were mere reflections of their former selves with very little power left I think.

Does Nyx have all the shards in this?

Nyx still made it night everywhere in the universe without any of her shards which is impressive, not sure how it translates to battle. The Avengers seemed to fare fairly well as well considering she is supposed to be above skyfather level.

With all her shards, she should win, without she probably loses.

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OKT > Nyx >= Semi-Prime Odin

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OKT or Nyx

But I'm for OKT

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At her full power, she extinguished every sun and star in the universe with a gesture/thought, entered the House of Ideas (the centre of creation), and could only be destroyed by an infinitely amped Vision harnessing the powers of creation itself. Even then, it's implied she survived. She's definitely above Odin considering how she slaughtered Zeus while at a quarter of her full strength and almost certainly above OKT through her star feat alone.