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@oceanmaster21: yep

@spiderbuck: You have scans....It also depends was Galactus well fed? A hungry Galactus was defeated by Thor, so this group of Lanterns should beat him too (if hungry).

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lanterns take this.

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@inconvenient_truth: @clark_el: @dedrabbit

1.SCW AM > Guardians. And SCW AM was putted down by galaxy level explosion. Odin can destroy and reform galaxies while weakned. More - his power was cutted in half and quasars and galaxies were destroyed by a side effect of his fight with it (Infinity).

2.Odin has high level telepathy, none of them can resist it.

3.I see no reason to belive that Larf can beat Thanos. Similar with Ganthet. Odin needed to use Gungnir to concentrate his blast against Thanos. And it is a very bad comparision, since Thanos is known for his durability, a specially to energy projection. Lantern aren't.

4.Invictus beat most of these people (including Larfleeze) and his limit was destroying one planet and moving other one. Odin would stomp him with ease, but Larfleeze said that they doesn't have a chance with him. And he was right, since they needed to depower him to win.

5.None of shown scans matters here, since even Silver Surfer would be able to do all these things, yet he was one-shotted by Odin and his energy attacks didn't even slow Borson.

6.Larfleeze may have power of full corps, but he never used it in way they did against SCW AM.

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@czarny_samael666: Ridiculous.

1 - AM wasn't even destroyed when SBP grabbed him. He still had plenty enough power to power up the Black Lantern. Odin never destroyed a galaxy and who cares he can create one? Doesn't change anything about this fight. Lanterns have been able to hold the power of sun going supernova.

2 - Lanters are generally immuned to telepathy. So yes, they can resist it.

3 - Agent Orange managed to destroy many Controllers and even Guardians. They were forced to sign a treaty with him. The guy packs of the power of a whole Corps. he's a threat to Thanos.

4 - Invictus could only destroy one planet? Who even cares? Do you need to destroy a planet to win a fight? Is it a competition? No. And Invictus appeared in how many comics? 2? 3? I think 3. Give me a break. That's the only thing he could show. And by the way, I've seen Parallax hurt by Kyle Rayner alone and they were a lot more fighting Invictus including Kyle and couldn't even stop him. So the guy is a lot more powerful then you think.

5 - It's no A+B=C. Were not talking about Silver Surfer here. You often rely on that. ''Oh, Thanos lost to A but Thanos managed to defeat B so A>B. And again, you claim that Silver Surfer can do everything you imagine. I'll let you in that fantasy.

And since we're talking about White Lantern Kyle, he's above any Guardians including Ganthet and that means he could take all of them down. It was stated multiple times by Ganthet and Hal Jordan recently.

The White Lantern Corps is the creator of all other Corps excluding the Black Lanterns. The White Lantern Entity seems to be leading over all the others Entity (Ion, Parallax, Predator, etc, which is why Kyle can use the power of the other Corps.

With eachother, they could take plenty of Odin's attack and probably take it 6/10.

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@czarny_samael666: Oh and it was recently shown that a Blue Lantern can power up not only a Green Lantern but all the other Corps as well (Green Lantern New Guardians #23). So Kyle could power up every Lantern in the group and make them twice more powerful then they normaly are. So that mean you will have a 200% powered Sinestro, Arkillo, etc...

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1.Still, he was defeated by explosion that isn't even close to Odin's full power.

2.No, they're not. In Emerald Warriors they controlled by telepath. Jordan also know that he has to turn on TP-shields and they don't actually have any tp-resistance feats.

3.&4.Invictus was almost powerless after moving that planet, he needed to charge and still no one from New Guardians was able to match him. Odin would crush him with one move, so he would be able to do the same with NG. Thanos would be match from him too.

5.Even SS means that Thanos can do a lot more than SS, not too mention Odin. Yet, You belive that these feats were impresive. They were not.

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@spiderbuck: Keep up with your your fanboyism.

White Lantern Kyle Rayner is more powerful then all the Guardians of the Universe combined.

Odin doesn't have the power to beat all of them all at once.

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Odin stomps on all of them.

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larfleeze is in this? my goodness. lanterns win

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Odin one shots them all.