Odin runs the H2H Gauntlet

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- Odin at his peak

- H2H Fight only, no other powers

- Pre new 52, 616 standard version

- Bloodlusted

- Win by KO or Death

  1. Colossus
  2. Iron Man
  3. She Hulk
  4. Wonder Woman
  5. Black Adam
  6. Orion
  7. WWHulk
  8. Despero
  9. H/P Doomsday
  10. Thanos
  11. Superboy Prime
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Wants to see Odin go fisticuffs only with Despero now!

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I don't think I've ever seen Odin punch something before lmao

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I'm pretty sure Odin handily broke out of something which was restraining blood and thunder or odin force thor with ease. He beats all their asses.

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@kalkent said:

I'm pretty sure Odin handily broke out of something which was restraining blood and thunder or odin force thor with ease. He beats all their asses.

He did. It was the same gun that put pg powered Thor in a block of force. He has also grabbed Surfer by the throat from about 10-20 ft away before Surfer could react to him. So he's fairly fast as well if he wants to be.

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Clears with some struggle at 10 and 11.

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Only Thanos can hang with him h2h

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Thanos is the only threat. He clears.

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Clears easily, Thanos is the only one whose even remotely difficult and in B&T Odin easily broke out of something in seconds that restrained Power Gem Thor(growing in power) for hours. PG Thor of course was about stalemating Thanos, if a little bit worse off.

Then in Jurgens run with just a bit of Odin-Force Gear, Thor beat up a Thanosi. Now this wasn't Thanos, but in the process of the story, Jurgens did intend it to be and there's really no reason to say it would be weaker(The main reason for the retcon was cuz he was crazy out of character). Especially since this Thanosi got some pretty good feats in this run(like he was shown to be > Mangog). For context, giving up that Odin-Force put Odin into the Odin-Sleep, but Odin had also just fought a bunch of people specifically designed to fight him so he didn't have a ton of OF anyway.

Anyway, Thanos would smack the rest of this gauntlet in H2H and Odin would smack him

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@juopamunch11: I can agree on the Mangog thing, but I in the same Arc Thanos was no-selling Thor's anti-force blasts which were staggering Mangog so, eh

would thanos really stomp h/p doomsday or superboy prime in h2h? speed equalized maybe but without that they should win imo...

He'd stomp H/P Doomsday, who kinda sucks, and he'd at least give SBP a bad beating, whose also not at all impressive.

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Clears, without any notable difficulty.

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Thanos should be last since he's the only one listed who can actually fight Odin.

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He clears. (Some will take longer to put out than others, but Odin at his peak was a real baller)

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He clears this list. Thanos is the only threat.

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Odin clears, but the last 3 won't be easy.

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was that superman prime with the universal durability feat?

This is Superboy Prime, Superman Prime is an amped(so not valid) version of him.

youre sure both were the exact same blasts? iirc he only hurt mangog by blasting his insides with anti force? thanos had no gear either?

Yeah, Thor was staggering Mangog with his Anti-Force blasts while Thanos was no-selling them. Even if Thanos's shields no-sold them, it'd be a good feat for Thanos since he's been proven to be more durable then his shields.

also wasnt H/P doomsday basically invulnerable to the justice leagues attacks to the point they could only beat him by time dumping him. tanking or being invulnerable to the league should be >>> tanking the avengers or surfer. you have a bunch of speedsters with high striking power on the league

That was in Doomsday Wars where he was stronger iirc. There's been some pretty good debunks of H/P Doomsday showing that he kinda sucks

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What basis is thanos more durable than his shields. Didn't galactus go from fed to hungry just to break his shields and also have thanos at his mercy? So his energy durability is galaxy level?

Nah, Hunger was draining Galactus of energy at the time. Thanos was shown to be more durable then his shields in Silver Surfer #88 where PG Thor one-shot his shields, yet Thanos shrugged off his attacks and in Thanos: The Infinity Finale where a blast one-shot his shields, yet multiple struggled to put down Thanos without them.

how was H/P doomsday debunked? Isn't it the same doomsday, same feats and all. The 'debunks' i have seen are basically claiming the JL he beat were weakened?

Ok, but even if we assume the JL was at full power, that still doesn't put H/P DD on the level of Thanos

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does he only have one type of shield tho? iirc he had a different type of shield when he blocked galactus blast? i thought something was mentioned about galactus expending all his energies with that blast against thanos?

Just that it was more then he expected to expend against a shield. And visually the shield was extremely similar as the one in Infinity Finale.

how? you have several light speedsters with blunt force attacks, along with WW and her sword which should cut him. What are thanoses best blunt force durability feats other than the PG thor fight?

Back in that point in time Speedsters rarely went that fast and Wally's only ever used an IMP like twice. Their striking is usually like Superman level or below. I don't see any reason to think that Doomsday even took the sword considering he mostly fought the JL off panel.

Other then the PG Thor fight(which is really good), he no-sold being at the core of a gas giant exploding and in a much weaker form easily shrugged off blows that contributed to shockwaves that blew up a planet. He also took hits from someone stated to be as strong as him/stronger then him and shrugged it off