Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Qui-Gon Jinn

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Both Jedi are at the peaks of their power. Standard gear, all abilities allowed, they are fighting all out with no emotional hindrance (due to them being former master and apprentice), and the fight is to the death. Legends and canon feats are allowed. The fight takes place in the Jedi Temple.

Who wins and why?

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Been done before, but ROTS Obi-Wan would beat TPM Qui-Gon due to being a better duelist and more powerful Force Wielder.

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Kenobi at his prime is too strong for Jinn. I doubt that Jinn can pass Kenobi's defense. For me its 9/10 for Kenobi.

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Ben is superior in every way including quote-worthiness.

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I dunno, Liam Neeson looks tougher than Ewan...

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Obi-Wan has more faets so he wins 7/10

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At this time obi-wan has the more suitable form to win this duel...His mastery of form III allows him to outlast the more taxing juyo form...

A good fight at the very least I would say....

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Kenobi at least 9/10. Jinn's best chance is to off balance Kenobi through physical strikes, I just doubt that'd happen for a majority.

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Obi-Wan, every time.

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Obi Wan has way better feats. He wins comfortably.

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This didn't need to be bumped. Obi wan is superior as a duelist and has better force feats.

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