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12 hours of prep, no bfr, morals off.

Battle takes place on an uninhabited earth, with all 4 squad members, a mile north, west, east & south of Kenobi, surrounding him.

The team consists of-





Saitama is serious & going all out, Naruto begins in his 3-headed Kurama, Luffy is in his strongest form.

Have at thee!

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I usually like SW vs Anime threads, too.

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Pretty sure any of the anime team can solo.

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Kenobi dies unless he has the high ground.

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Oh I see, we have a troll in our midst.

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Any of the team can literally win this with one Limb

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@lordwhis2: this is not the only time you did this. why do you hate obi wan this much?

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I forgot it was "put Star Wars in its place" month. I'll have to get a few threads going.

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@reikai: @mohhsen: @tvc-15: @wewlad80: @alextheboss: @pirateking: @kingcrimson: Why is this such a stomp against Kenobi. He's a light speeder for God's sake . None of the team have ever faced anything even remotely as fast as him. Saitama's best feat is jumping to the moon, pitiful for Kenobi. He should definitely be a threat for this team based on raw power & force crush ignores durability as does molecular manip. He is a god by their standards & can stomp any of them individually. Just compare the stats:

None of the team is remotely as fast as he is & Kaguya and Saitama are only planet level and possess no significant skill or fighting experience. The only good strategist this team has is Luffy & maybe Naruto, Kenobi is a battle genius & is extremely skilled. Also he matched Windu, a light speeder and a planet buster in a sparring match, well before his prime, additionally he has amazing precog & senses, very good energy absorption & loads of other things. This should be a heck of a fight. It's possible he blitzes the entire team as soon as the battle starts.

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