Ninja: Challenge

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Equipment: Promethium Sword, Uzi, Pistol, 2 Large Hunting Knives, and 5 Grenades 
Snake Eye 
Equipment: 50 Shurikens, Katana, Dual FNP9-M 9 x 19 mm, Ninjato, and 3 Grenades  
Equipment: Billy Club 
Scorpion (Pre-Upgrade) 
Equipment: Spear (a kunai attached to a rope) 
Equipment: Sais 
Equipment: 50 Shurikens, Katana, Combat Knife, 2 Nunchucks, and 3 Grenades 
Storm Shadow 
Equipment: Bow w/ 50 arrows, Katana, Large Hunting Knife, 100 Shurikens, and 5 Grenades 
Mission: To Assassinate Kingpin 
- All ninjas are bloodlusted 
- All ninjas have 30 minutes of prep time 
- Ninjas are allowed to take each other out 
Kingpin is hiding in the Trump Tower 
- The outside of the tower has high speed cameras and motion sensing lights, their are 75 Highly Skilled Assassins (trained in basic hand to hand combat, military advance marksmanship, advance counter-surveillance and espionage) equiped with standard S.H.I.E.L.D issued gear. The Assassins are located outside around the difference entrances into the building along with 100 Hydra Agents with standard gear. 
- Their are 250 Hand Ninjas located on the bottom floor with Deadpool (equiped with Dual Katana, Dual Uzi, 25 Throwing Knives, and 6 Grenades) and Bane (large dose of vemon).
-  Their are 100 Highly Skilled Assassin (trained in Judo, Muay Thai, Karate, military advance marksmanship, advance counter-surveillance and espionage) equiped with Infrared/Ultraviolet Goggles, Kevlar Vest, Pistol w/adamantium bullets, Combat Knives, and AK-47 on the second floor along with Taskmaster (equiped with Captain America's Shield and Adamantium Sword).
- Their are 100 Hydra Agents and 100 Hand Ninjas along with Bulleye (equiped with 100 adamantium throwing darts) and Moon Knight (equiped with Carbonadium Armor, Spiked Knuckles, Admantium Bo Staff, and Crescent Darts) on the three floor. 
- Their are three veteran Predators (equiped with Cloaking Device, Helmet, Plate Armor, Wrist Computer, Medicomp, Wrist Blades, Combi Stick, Smart Disc, Plasma Caster, and Promixity Mines) on the middle floor. 
- Their are 200 Hand Ninjas and 100 Hydra Agents on each of the other floors. 
- Kingpin is on the top floor with a 100 of the most finest Hydra Agents along with Deadshot (equiped with Wrist Gun Gauntlet and Rifle), Wolverine (equiped with Adamantium Claws), and Constantine Drakon (unarmed).

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This is Slade's, his forte here... 
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Deathstroke wins this. Also, since when is he a ninja?

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@Decoy Elite:
he was trained in the way of the ninja by Natas