Nick Fury vs. Batman

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Taking a short break between my project and this fight sounded interesting. I won't be able to comment on this fight for a while though because I got other work to do.

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Let's put it this way; I have a comic where Moon knight beat Fury in broad daylight.

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Batman should be able to defeat Nick Fury. As much as Bats heads up with The Joker and Deathstroke. Cant see why he cant handle Nick Fury.

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nickelodeon fury oh i mean nick fury alone, would lose to batman, but fury can called the avengers to take out batman, jk.

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You guys aren't really taking this seriously, are you? C'mon, I thought this would be a really interesting fight unless its been done before. How do you think Bats (or Fury) would win?

Oh Yea, I forgot the setting, its in some abandoned space station on the dark side of the moon with artificial gravity and atmosphere. This doesn't have to be a straight-on fight, if I'm judge, then as long as one of them doesn't go outside the space station then it doesn't count as a forfeit. The space station is about the size of a... warehouse with multiple rooms, levels and several control panels through-out, and they start off in the dark with the option of turning on specific lights and such at one of the control panels. Confusing enough for you? Let me know if you need it simpler (or if it needs to have even more variables) and I'll be happy to oblige.

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Batmans Unarmed fighting should handle this and if not he can rely on his gadgets

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Batman but Nick's cool

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Nick uses high-tech gadgets as well, and he was a Spec Op dude, he might not be as good in hand-to-hand, but he's not going to be using that much when he has guns and other gadgets to play with.