New Rule Announcement: New banned battles. (Edit: Some Clarifications)

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As of today any battles involving Yhwach(Bleach) and Kaguya(Naruto) are banned and thus no longer allowed. The ban is in effect immediately. The length of this ban has not yet been decided, and is totally up to you guys who debate these verses. Recently we have been tagged constantly in threads with these characters and it has become evident that no civil discussions can be had with them at the moment. We may remove this rule down the line if see things are getting better or just extend the rule to the entire verses if you guys keep going as you are. We are also at a point with these threads where I'm only going to warn people once before banning them.

Edit: Seems somethings need to be clarified. Any battle involving these characters are banned, not just the ones where they are pitted against each other. The only battles they can be in are in verse battles and that's it. This rule applies to both existing threads and new ones. So do not bump an old thread as those will be locked. This rule does not extend to CaVs and as such you can still debate them in those debates.

This thread will be pinned for a week.