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Poll: New 52 Batman vs Endgame Thanos (11 votes)

Batman 45%
Still Thanos 55%
Stalemate 0%

Fight takes place in Gotham, 50 feet apart

Bruce has knowledge, he is bloodlusted

Thanos is in-character

No prep

Armored Thanos gets a sword

Bruce gets a Batsuit, utility belt, grapple gun, EMP gun, smoke bombs, flashbangs, Herald tier Batarangs (with Herald level piercing and Teambuster tier Explosives)

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"herald-tier batarangs"


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Bruce one shots even without the suit.

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Is Thanos a herald? Obviously not. He gets one shot by the Batarangs, and the Bat-Rope, which was able to take out Hal Jordan.

Bruce is physically capable of wrestling Wonder Woman, who is a multiversal, MFTL Queen of Magic. He doesn't even need his weapons here.

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As funny as it sounds, Batman can win, memes-aside.

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