Natsu vs Raia(Black Clover)

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  • Random Encounter
  • No knowledge
  • Standard gear
  • Latest iterations
  • Canon feats only
  • Win by death or KO (BRF is off)
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Natsu is gonna need his E.N.D form to win

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Raia wins

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Pretty sure Raia dies by Natsu's passive body heat. The guy is like town level.

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Imitation magic for days baby

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Y'all do know Raia can't copy MP levels, needs to touch a grimoire to do it and is again at best town level?

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Raia would blitz him. He can use the lightspeed movement spell in combat and activate two different magics at the same time. He can combined that with portals to travel through and use Gueldre's transparency magic to make all magic phase through him

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