Naruto (EOS) VS Beerus (DBS) Equal Stats

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Same strength, speed and durability, who would win? Win by death/KO. No prep time. Naruto is in his Sage Of Six Paths Mode.

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Beerus, way more skilled, energy absorbtion and manipulation, TK and of course hakai. Beerus can school him in h2h and redirect every projectile he throws. Then either blast him, drain him, drop him with TK or erase.

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Beerus could just Hakai him really, Naruto doesn't have a defense against that.

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Spite against Beerus, honestly. The conditions aren't restricting Naruto from just spamming Rasenshurikens from thousands of shadow clones - all of whom have equal speed and DC to the real Naruto, who has equal stats to Beerus, in this match.

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Hakai could probably secure a victory for Beerus, honestly. It's not out of the ordinary for him to use it off the bat.

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Beerus is more hax than naruto

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The purple cat wins

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Hakai is out of character. Naruto wins with landslide versatility advantage.

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Beerus still one-shots the planet and the rest of the verse with a casual energy blast.

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@streak619: Reasons why beerus doesn’t seal naruto into a rock or paralyze him with telekinesis?

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Beerus is greater skilled, hut Naruto has greater versatility

Naruto has Precog advantage, but Beerus has superior maneuverability.

Imma say Beerus, because equal stats means he will go 100%, which i don't think has ever happened before.

So Beerus by a decent margin.

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Beerus stomp with ease and one shot him in an instant,he will simply Hakai Naruto and his attacks or just nullify every atack of him

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Beerus might as well be Thanos

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Is there a reason why Beerus can’t just fly up into the air and hurl a bunch of atom bombs.

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naruto current fight = equal stats

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How is hakai out of character he has used it in pretty much every time he has been semi serious

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Is there a reason why Beerus doesn’t tap the planet away whether Naruto is equal to him or not?

Or a reason why he doesn’t hakai Naruto right off the bat? Range isn’t an issue, Sidra covered a huge city full of anarchists instantly with a Hakai and Beerus literally blew air and destroyed a Hakai from Sidra.

Beerus hakai’d Doctor Mashiroto just for talking to him.

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Truth seeking balls

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Beerus stomps and you can put Kaguya herself and it wouldn't help the case.

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Beerus easily.

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Beerus solos the verse with stats equal

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Ultra-Instinct + Hakai = GG

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Naruto has actually a chance to win, but he has no counter to Hakai, could go either way tbh.

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Naruto could dogpile him and win but beerua could hakai him

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Beerus has way more experience in terms of battle, and I don’t see naruto countering hakai.

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Beerus hakai’s the verse

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