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Naruto and Sasuke during the Final War.

EOS Hiei and Kurama. No prep time. A brief conversation takes place.

Win via Death. Morals: in character. Standard weapons.

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I'll admit I stopped watching Yuyu Hakusho after Sensui's arc.

How fast did Kurama and Hiei get? They'd need to be REALLY fast ( hypersonic? ) for Sasuke's eyes to not be able to follow them. Anything else and it's off to Genjutsu/Amaterasu land.

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naruto and sasuke got this. They were able to keep up with obito's speed and tank his shock wave slam.

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Naruto and sasuke stomp.

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Hiei tries to blitz and may succeed but team Naruto takes it at the end of the day, Kurama could win if he had prep as he has plants that completely bypass durability but still the ninjas win a large majority 9/10

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I'm not sure they can keep up with Hiei, and Kurama is smarter than all three of them put together so he'd already have a plan to take advantage of Hiei's distraction blitz, probably slip a seed in them. I'm going 6/10 YYH team.