Naruto & Kakashi vs Sasuke & Toneri

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  • Current Naruto/DMS Kakashi
  • Current Sasuke/Composite Toneri
  • Manga/anime/movie knowledge
  • Win by any means
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Team 1 mid diff. Naruto beats Sasuke, and either Naruto or Kakashi can beat Toneri. Naruto can outright tank GWRE, and Kakashi can just phase through it. Toneri has nothing else to offer other than the moon splitter IMO.

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Kakashi stomps Toneri.

While Naruto beats Sasuke or stalemates him until Kakashi finishes of Toneri.

Team 1 mid diff. Toneri doesn't belong here.

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Toneri loses in every scenario, even if Sasuke found a way to win.

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Sakura beats everyone.

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Team 1 wins mid diff. Toneri gets blitzed by Kakashi and Naruto stomps Sasuke once Kakashi comes to help.

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Sasuke and Toneri

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sasuke beats every0ne :D

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Naruto is stronger than Sasuke and Kakashi can deal with Toneri