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Who would win the match between Namiiii (One Piece) and Wolverine? This is Wolf without claws, and Nami is canon.

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wolverine is much more durable, and berserker mode should stomp.

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I mean, Wolverine is a trained fighter and has his mutant abilities to back him up, so...

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Does Nami has Zeus?

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Uhh really? I thought people said Nami could beat Sakura the other day? I'm going with her.

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Logan can tank her best (or dodge most of it) until he gets in close & 1 shots (not debatable)

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@lan_fan: that thread was Nami with full knowledge and prep on Sakura. She can tempo mirage Sakura until Zeus is charged that’s how she wins that one. I’m not too sure how Wolverine would handle a Zeus bolt tbh