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Multiversity Battles

This is strictly between the Crime Syndicate & the Archetypes of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. .

Earth 3

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  • Both sides are fighting to save their respective universe. This means they are fighting to the best of their abilities.
  • Anything goes in this particular encounter as long as the opponent is unable to battle/move (incapacitation), die, knockout, or even battlefield removal.
  • Both sides of no knowledge on each other and are seeing each other for the first time in their lives.
  • Neither side came with preparation, or battle plans, but they are aware they are in the fight for their lives.
  • The winner has their respective universe saved, the losers have theirs destroyed.

Location: Merged Earth 3 & Earth-4290001

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Who loses? The one who is closer to featless.

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Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with the evil bastards who almost took over the current Prime-Earth of the DC Multiverse. Crime Syndicate all the way.

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Earth 4290001 Superman's only feat is his 7 foot vertical jump.

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Who loses? The one who is closer to featless.

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The Norn could solo.