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  1. Standard fight.
  2. Mandeok's swords are de-magnetized.


  • Pre-AvX Magneto.
  • Bleeding Edge Iron Man.
  • In character.
  • Both sides start 1 mile apart knowing where the other team is.
  • Win by any means.
  • Fight takes place here:
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I'm trying to remember all of Mandeok's powers and abilities.........anyway to get this debate going, how do they counter Magneto's abilities???

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Long as Magneto can cancel outs Mujin's gravity, they can duo Man-Duk. Mujin doesn't have any impressive stats for being a member of The Six.

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Magneto crushes Iron Man into a tiny ball and hurts him at the other two, like this:

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@mr_ingenuity: I dont remember mags having a particularly hard-counter to gravity

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@arkbound: Me neither but if he tap into the earth Magnetic Field to amp himself he could cancel it out by simply being more powerful.

But this is mostly conjecture considering the GoH team has the advantage with starting distance & better AOE attacks. While the Comic team needs to close the distance to use their superior versatility. So I'm not completely sold on any side taking a majority, considering all the details.

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@mr_ingenuity: thats a fair point tho I will add in this instance I actually think the comic team has superior speed and durability. Mujin and Mandeok dont have the greatest speed feats considering their verse. They might be able to "flatten everything" but if that doesnt end team 2 it will be a good fight from there

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Mandeok Sang tank a mega nuke and Mujin destory a island while sitting at his desk so so i say they stomp

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