Mufasa and Simba vs Scar and Shere khan

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Fight on pride rock. Bloodlust. Fight to the death.

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Mufasa and Simba got this.

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Shere Khan is actually a Judo Blackbelt
Shere Khan is actually a Judo Blackbelt

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Got to watch jungle book

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Well Shere Kahn is a Tiger so his team should win but Scar is a weak link. Kahn Judo threw a Bear though so he stomps.

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wrong forum

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move to battles

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scar kicked simba's ass. in the original version, he actually won, and only died to the fire and his own insanity.

so once simba goes down, its 2 v 1.

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To quote Scar "when it comes to strength I'm afraid I'm on the shallow end of the Gene pool". Mufassa and Simba can beat Scar no doubt about that. Shere Khan however? Undisputed king of the Jungle Book Universe. Only beaten through dumb luck is and one of the only Disney villains to not die or be captured. Shere Khan should be able to beat either Simba or Mufassa.

This is an incredibly close fight. Gotta give it to Team 2. If Scar can hold off either his brother or Simba for a bit(which he surely can) he can hold them long enough for Shere Khan to come in and make it a 2 on 1 fight which is impossible for Team 1 to win.