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Magic The Gathering is a popular trading card game. The colors of mana go like this: White, protection and order, Blue, Intellect and deceit, Black, death and decay, Red, fury and chaos, Green, life and nature. Each color hates the 2nd and third color from them, when they start at 0.



Jace(Blue, tactical, mill-based planeswalker/wizard)

Gideon(White, leading, tapping-based, planeswalker/commander)


Garruk(Green, growth, land based, planeswalker/hunter)

Karn(Colorless, robot, exile-based, robot)


Elspeth(White, recruitment, creature-based commander)

Nahiri(White, revengeful, weapon-based fighter)


Vol(Red, ruthless, warrior-based, war captain)

Tiblat(Red, Insane, chaos-based, half-devil)


Sorin(Black, calmly bloodlusted, life-based, Vampire)

Vess(Black, resurrecting, creature/zombie-based, sorcerer)


Nicol Bolas(Black/Red, brutal, destruction-based, dragon)


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These characters are probably so absent from our everyday life that most people never heard of it, and are filled with not-that-well known planeswalkers, I would not be surprised if nobody knew what I am talking about. IF ANYBODY IS READING THIS GIVE ME A SIGN PLEASE.

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@whowillwin: Wouldn't Bolas Be Black Red Blue?

I don't think anyone will really reply as this is more about decks and not a real battle. If I have the right deck whatever deck has blue in it primarily wins. There's too many variables. There's a lot of unknown unknowns.

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I don't mean to be mean but these are experiences I had. Try and face off against an Eldrazi ramp deck that can put out a 25/25 with Annihilator 6 in just 4 turns, and say you manage to kill it. In his next turn he got out a 15/15 Annihilator 4 and revived the 25/25 and put it on the field. Let's say you destroyed his creatures by Day of Judgement, in his next turn he can nullify your attempts to damage him. The next after that he pulls out another 15/15, revives the other 15/15, and then revives his 25/25, in 6-7 turns flat. Plus you will be lucky if he doesn't give them trample by the end of your next 3-5 turns. I have got to be honest, I do not think even a fair blue deck can defeat that deck in 12 turns. Another green ramp deck I faced can get 7 green 2/2s out per turn and have a 12/12 with trample. A red creature has "whenever this creature attacks it deals 6 damage to each creature your opponents control". Yes, I have seen outstanding blue decks that can beat the odds, but then again it isn't what color you play with, it is how you use the card.

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@whowillwin: Yeah it would. Blue is OP. Also there are blue cards that counter spells that are even uncounterable. I had a blue white control deck with isochron scepter and would silence people. Silence is a white one drop instant that makes them unable to play spells. They can counter silence or play a spell before it resolves only if it has flash or is an instant and I still had counters in case so I could counter every single turn. Eldrazis aren't anything.

There's a crap ton of decks/cards that make them useless. It is the decks too but there's no way to answer any of that. There's also turn zero win decks it's all based on how you wanna play. Some colors are definitely better though blue just happens to be the most staple and meta heavy color.

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@whowillwin: also I'm fairly sure you are talking about Emrakul, The Aeons Torn. He's a 15/15 Annihilator 6 not a 25/25

You get an extra turn after casting him and he has protection from colored spells.

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@whowillwin: I wish they made an Urza Planeswalker card. He would've been badass.

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Bolas solos them all. The only one who can stand up to him is Karn. Everyone else gets one shotted with disinterest.

Bolas can change the trajectory of a sun with no strain, manipulate time, offset himself from reality, has beyond god tier TP, and has multiple subbrains allowing him to fight everyone at once .

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Karn solos with legacy weapon, Bolas is the only threat to him and he is nothing compared to Yawgamoth.

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@unlimited1: You are talking about Pre Mending Karn. Over half of characters in this battle are post mending only, so we have to assume everyone is in there post mending incarnation. Post Mending Nicol Bolas is the most powerful character here. Karn is his only competition but even Karn is weaker than Bolas