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A gang war erupts, Falcone hires Bullseye (Colin Farrel) to hunt down and kill the Joker (Heath Ledger).

Who wins?

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If Bullseye ever got Joker in his sights, Joker'd be good as dead.

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Bullseye lolstomps

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If Batman barely did it and he's a billionaire Bullseye ain't catching Joker.

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To hunt down The Joker? I don't really think that'd be hard considering the Joker's MO, but if they ever came in contact with each other, I don't see what's stopping Bullseye from pegging Joker a couple of times in the head with any sharp object before he even realizes it.

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Bullseye. 10/10

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Bullsey ftw

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Bullseye kills him with a marble. Nolan Joker wasn't really a fighter.