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The transporter (jason statham) is hired along side vin diesel(fast five) to transport a package, tom cruise (mission impossible) and Cataleya(the colombina) and Denzel Washington(safehouse) are also hired to insure the missions success they are traveling through europe to deliver the package

liam neeson( taken) has realized his daughter has been taken byt this group( shes the package) james bond and black widow (avengers) team up with him to find and her and take them out as she has the serect pass codes to nuclear warheads, jason bourne has also been contracted in to resuce the girl

location: london

mindset: bloodlusted

Side notes: both teams start off two blocks from each other on foot, their cars are parked 4 blocks away should they choose go for them, CANNOT LEAVE CITY, no time limit , battle can last as long as it needs to. no prep.

each team gets:

One hand gun fully loaded

wireless earpiece for communcation between team

vin diesel, jason statham, and bond get their best cars

battles end only after all memebers of team are dead, rescuing the daughter is just plot device.

they can also use anything they randomly find around the city

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I see Team 3 winning this i mean, Bryan Mills, James Bond, Jason Bourne and Black Widow on one team? i don't think they coudl lose easily.

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So this is transporter,vin diesel, ethan hunt, Catelyana, tobin frost (DW) vs bryan mills, james bond, black widow, jason bourne?

I havent watched columbia but i think team 2 takes it, mostly because of jason bourne.

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Team 2 STOMP

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Bryan Mills solos.

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Team 2. More experience and better training.

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Team 2, although I see Ethan Hunt and the Transporter character are no pushovers. They had good enough feats to hang with the other team.

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@DeathpooltheT1000: Why did I see this coming?

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Vin Diesel is pretty impressive behind the wheel of a car.

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@comicace3 said:

@DeathpooltheT1000: Why did I see this coming?

Because Liam Neeson is awesome!!!!