Monet St. Croix vs. Hawkgirl

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Monet St. Croix (M)

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  • New-52 and Rebirth feats only for Hawkgirl
  • Monet is current 616
  • Random Encounter (no prep/knowledge)
  • In Character
  • Victory by KO or death
  • Starting distance of 50 feet
  • Battle takes place in the air, above a forest

Round 1: Both are unarmed

Round 2: Hawkgirl has standard gear; Monet gets basic knowledge

Round 3: Hawkgirl also gets Pre-52 feats and standard gear

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Bump, i want to know what the elite thinks about it.

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im not familiar with this hawkgirl but unless she's massively faster and stronger than her post crisis counterpart then she gets absolutely slaughtered by M

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M stomps

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