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Poll: Momoshiki vs. Kyoraku & Ukitake (21 votes)

Momo 67%
The duo 33%
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  • Chakra = Reiatsu

  • The duo begin in Shikai

  • Ninjutsu = hado & bakudo

  • No knowledge or prep

  • Location: momoshiki’s planet

  • Momo has 5 extra pills

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They're not a threat to him

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Momo quite easy.

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havent watched boruto

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Momoshiki. Only Bleach top tiers have a chance against him. Maybe if it was EOS Aizen, Ichigo, and Ichibie they would win. Yhwach is the only one who could arguably win 1v1 and he could arguably solo his own verse if he isn't cocky.

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I don't see them winning if they start in Shikai.

Bankai though, that would be interesting...at least for Shinsui.

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The duo. Once Momoshiki enters Shusei's game, it would be over.

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Shunsui rekts him in bankai

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Duo, Momo is a clown

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Momo wins

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Momoshiki annihilates them.

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Momoshiki stomps.

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Momo is super effective ! Lol maybe make it EOS Ichigo + EOS Aizen for a more fair fight.

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team wins, Bankai Sunshui kills anyone non immortal and momoshiki has no regeneration on the level of kaguya, with ukitake he can absorb momoshiki long range attack and his taijutsu is the least of worries, as even grimmjow in release has better feats than Momoshiki in H2h even Grimmjow scream was better.

Momoshiki while strong cant beat captains in the same level as Yamamoto or Ichibei, shunsui is just slightly weaker than Shinigami Aizen and not that far off yamamoto either at the very least Yamamoto cant easily kill shunsui, and those like Kenpachi are momoshiki weakness too much power and strength to easily 1 shot him.

people claiming EOS aizen or EOS ichigo are severely downplaying, Momoshiki doesnt get pass Yamamoto much less superior Shinigami like Ichibei and Transcendent like Aizen, Yhwach, there are to many scenarios, momoshiki is too inexperience just like kaguya these guys are like children holding guns and missiles they gained their power by just eating instead of actuall training and earning it thus no fighting combat and crap level instincts and experience

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