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  • Canon Feats only
  • Both at their strongest
  • Momo is moral on,team are moral off
  • Perfect teamwork
  • Healthy Itachi and Nagato( replace Pain)
  • Orochimaru is in the list
  • Random Encounter-No Knowledge
  • Wins by death or K.O
  • Tobi has Rinnegan
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Momo solos everyone but Obito.

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Momoshiki stomps

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Momoshiki wins mid-diff but could lose if he messes around.

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Momoshiki wins.

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Momoshiki, the only problem is Obito's Intangibility.

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Momoshiki wins

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He blitzes every single one of them.

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Momo baby shakes these fodder.

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Momoshiki stomps

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THe likes of Edo madara and Hashirama (who are top tiers) could take on the Akatsuki, momoshiki a god tier will destroy the akatsuki.

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