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  • BM Minato, eos/Sharingan Kakashi & adult Shiro
  • Random encounter
  • Naruto team are bloodlusted
  • Morals off
  • Standard gear
  • Win by any means

Which team wins & why?

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Kakashi can’t do crap here, and BM Minato is outclassed by kenpachi’s meteor feat.

TBB can’t tag anyone here, so this fight’ll probably be mono-et-mono. Which is bad for team naruto.

With toshiro, bleach team wins 7.5/10.

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I wanna vote for Team Naruto, especially because I dislike Toshiro, but I don't think they have a chance.
Kakashi is the weakest here & Minato can't beat Kenny.

Team Bleach decisvely.

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Team Bleach in a one sided match.

Edit: While bloodlusted, Kakashi is likely to spam Kamui, so team Naruto can get a W with that.

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Team bleach handily. Toshiro has potential to solo

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Yeah since Kakashi doesn’t have DMS the Bleach team wins. Toshiro’s adult form is hax.

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Kenpachi sneezes

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Bloodlusted Kakashi's gonna snipe their heads off. Otherwise Team Bleach

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Kenpachi can potentially solo

But if you gave Kakashi Dms he solos.

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bleach characters win. the only problem would minato with FTG but that would kinda do little.

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Team Bleach

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Either person on bleach team solos