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Location: Times Square. 
- Win by K.O. or Death. 
- Random encounter. 
- Midnighter has his standard gear. 
- Torch is in the sky.  
- In character morals. 
- Picture versions.
Round 1: No Doors. 
Round 2: Doors are allowed.


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Can I say...spite mismatch?

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HAHAHAHA... trolling Maxima...

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Human Torch stomps.

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Midnighter only win Round 2 by Dooring, HT onto the moon

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@The_Roman said:

Human Torch stomps.

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Not sure how Midnighter would win round 1 if Johnny is sufficiently high, but he massacres him in round 2.

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Midnighter vs Hellstrike without his combat computer

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Midnighter vs Winter when Winter, who can trade blows with The High on a normal day, was the avatar of the sun (and channeling enough heat to reduce cities to debris just by walking around and couldn't be put out with a river dropped on him)

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Round 1 Midnighter possibly because of torch having morals on.

Round 2 Midnighter stomps

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Round 1: It could go either way

Round 2: Midnighter curbstomps

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round 1 torch

round 2 midnighter.

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I see Midnighter winning.