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The three-man team of Agent X, Deadpool, and Deathstroke have been hired to kill Midnighter. They have been given 2 weeks prep on him(including videos of his fights and overviews on his abilities). Weapons-wise Deathstroke has 1 broadsword, a transportable minigun, an AK-47, 7 concussion grenades, 5 flash grenades, and twin desert eagles. Deadpool has dual katanas, 3 frag grenades, 4 flash-bang grenades, a crossbow, a chainsaw, a rocket launcher(with 1 rocket),  2 uzis, and a pistol. Agent X has 2 automatic shotguns, .50 Sniper Rifle, a machete, bowie knife, and a colt revolver. Also the man who hired them has shut-down Midnighter's door capabilities, they have a special implant in their brain that cloaks their abilities from him, and has given them each 1 special device that once activated will shut down his fight computer for 30 seconds(hitting them simultaneousnessly will not increase the time). While Midnighter has no prior knowledge of them he has heard that there is a team of highly trained fighters out to get him so he is on edge. He carries on him a bo staff, jack hammer(pictured above), and a tazer-billy club. Midnighter has heard they may be station at M&T Bank Stadium so goes to confront them but they are ther waiting for him. Midnighter is at one goal post and they are standing at the other. Who comes out alive?
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Midnighter vs only three? this is how it goes down deadpool and X die pretty quickly. DS holds his ground for a time then gets decapitated. in less than 15min Midnighter walks away leaving a trail of blood behind him

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Midnighter is too fast for Agent X, it doesn't matter if he can predict his moves, he will see himself getting killed by midnighter.
If you combined all 3 of them together into one being, then they would pretty much almost be midnighter lol. Healing factor, fight prediction and 10X strength.

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This is actually a good fight. The ability to randomly shut down his combat computer and their prep makes it interesting. The only problem is it's not like he needs to be updating it throughout a fight. He'll have the whole battle laid out from the first second so unless they use their devices then they don't really matter, and even if they do he doesn't need it to win. These characters are physically around superhuman, but don't have any tricks. Other than healing, their abilities aren't more than what Midnighter could figure out from just fighting them for a second or two. These guys have all been beaten by people who don't know all their moves before they do so it's not like Midnighter can't do it without his computer, but it would be harder if he's going into it with just his physical abilities against theirs (and missing some of his standard gear). I think he'd win in the end, but not every time and not without sustaining major damage. On second thought, I think he'd lose more often than win (if they use their devices the very instant the fight starts before his computer can do anything). His ability to know moves makes up for a lack of fighting skill (I believe he has some, but not much has been displayed so it can't be backed) and these three have a level of skill along with their physical abilities so while he may not need his combat computer, without established fighting skill in its place, he won't take it as often.  
Midnighter is fast, but I don't think he's fast enough. His fatal attacks won't stop Deadpool or Agent X and without info on the characters, he won't know that he needs to be more thorough so they might be getting back up after he's finished his blitz and thinks they're done. I also don't think he could successfully blitz Deathstroke. DS's feats are all over the place, but I've seen him stand up to Flash to give him credit against individual blitzes (not prolonged fast-paced attacks though). So there are some issues with Midnighter overwhelming them with speed individually and I definitely don't think he could do them all.

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I think the team got this.

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deathstroke solos

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<{[ SMALL EDIT ]}>

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Midnighter curbstomp. Cheap computer brain FTW

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Midnighter, even without his battle computer he could win on physical stats alone.

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@FinalStar86 said:
" Midnighter, even without his battle computer he could win on physical stats alone. "
Dang Straight!
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Wouldn't Midnighter know they have a device to shut down his brain because he can see the outcome, so wouldn't he have a device to block the teams device?

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I think the team should win

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@FinalStar86 said:
" Midnighter, even without his battle computer he could win on physical stats alone. "
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How are they carrying all of these huge guns am i the only one that sees that as a huge problem

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@hydrabob: think grand theft auto rules lol
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@U R Sofa King We Todd Did said:
" @hydrabob: think grand theft auto rules lol "
ok well Midnighter wins he's physically way better than everyone else and even if they did take out his Computer for a little while he would still be able to survive without it and once it came back online find the goriest and most painful way to kill them all because they turned it off
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The Midnighter is far from helpless without his computer. He does have other enhancements; his bones are laced with some odd carbon nanotubes, and the like.
That being said, I think the mercs would win. You've essentially stripped the Midnighter of his signature ability as well as his ability to teleport. As such, there are two possible outcomes.
1. The mercs overwhelm him in the fight.
2. He calls an orbital strike via radio-telepathy, and kills them without facing them in a fight.

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The former is what you've laid out, the latter what he'd actually do.
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