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#51 Posted by nerdchore (8058 posts) - - Show Bio

But Keaton blocked a BULLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serousliy you are underating Keaton batman, Bat loses but he's superhuman just cap just not as good. just look for yourself

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My favorite scene in the movie.

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#52 Posted by lynxbearaus (112 posts) - - Show Bio

If it was all of a sudden Cap would win. If Michael had 1-2 months prep, Batman would win.

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#53 Posted by MAZAHS117 (11847 posts) - - Show Bio

Keatons Batman had ridiculous durability feats, but still Cap should get him

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#54 Posted by mtuske (3291 posts) - - Show Bio

Cap solos every movie Batman at once.

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#55 Edited by leonkarlen123 (8815 posts) - - Show Bio
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Batman wins..

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#56 Posted by kasino (2048 posts) - - Show Bio

no movie version of Batman will have the feats to stand up against other movies. they mostly portray him to be far superior to his combatants that things look easy.

elevator scene makes Cap one of the best superhero fighters of all-time.

implied bats has a great chance but not what he shown

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#57 Posted by copete (2960 posts) - - Show Bio

Cap wins every SINGLE time.