Mega Predator vs MCU Winter Soldier

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  • Movie feats only
  • No prep
  • Winter soldier mod Bucky

Round 1)H2H/no weapons

Round 2)Cap's shield/blades

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The Upgrade is far above Super Soldiers Drax would be a better fight

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Bucky gets murdered both rounds. H2H he is much more on the level of a standard Predator, which got wreaked by the upgraded Predator. Give him full gear and Cap to help, and maybe they have a chance, but I would still go with the Predator more often than not.

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Predator stomps.

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Predator stomps.

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@abezethibou: @stewartg: @g2_: @abezethibou: Since when the Predator is above all supersoldiers? Bucky survived a fall from a mountain even if the side effects of the Super-Soldier Serum wasn't complete yet & has endured hits from Mark 46 Iron man while his bionic arm alone should be able to hurt the Predator!

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@granitevision: You make interesting Live Action threads unlike most who just make Thor vs Superman #54753. Anyway i think in R1 Bucky loses but R2 he should win with a shield decap.