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no prep for the monsters

No outside interference to help the monsters with the exception of lighting

In Character

Godzilla is restricted to Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla and Terror of Mechagodzilla feats

no BFR

Mecha Godzilla is bloodlusted

All Showa Feats

all monsters start in environmentally friendly locations near the beach

Each round last 3 days to allow for temporary retreat

full heal between rounds

Mecha Godzilla starts each round in his fake godzilla suit and it burns away due to lighting strike when the thunderstorm starts or is burned away before hand

Location: Monster Island and 2 miles of ocean from the island

Weather: Thunderstorm Starts 30 Mins after the start of each round and will last the durration of the round

to the death

Round 1: King Kong

Round 2: Titanosarus and Gorosarus

Round 3: King Ceasar and King Kong

Round 4: hedorah and Angurus

Round 5: Gigan, Kumonga and Kamacuras(gets Final Wars Feats)

Round 6: Ebertha, Jet Jaguar, Megalon

Round 7: Jet Jaguar, King Kong and King Ceasar

Round 8: King Ghidora

Round 9: Godzilla and Minilla

Round 10: Godzilla and King Kong

Round 11: King Ghidora and Gigan

Round 12: King Ghidora, King Kong and King Ceasar

Round 13: Godzilla and King Ghidora

Round 14: Godzilla, hedorah and King Ghidora

Round 15: Destory all Monsters Roster good and bad

Bonus Round: 2 Mecha Godzillas run the Gauntlet

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Stops at Hedorah.

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There's a chance he could lose at Round 3.

King Caesar's ability to absorb and shoot back Mechagodzilla's beams already gave him a decent chance against Mechagodzilla. He and Kong are also physically strong and pretty fast by kaiju standards and should be able to overwhelm Mechagodzilla in melee combat.

If they can last long enough for the storm to begin the lightning will instantly revitalize Kong and give him a second wind, as well as significantly amp his offense with lightning attacks.

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@zill0678: they still have no way to hurt Hedorah and stop there.

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Hedorah solos both rounds TBH.

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@toratorn: but Mechagodzillaa has electricity-stuff