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Both bloodlusted, Thor is unworthy, takes place in a McDonalds, both are unarmed

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Fisk is tougher.

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Fisk stomps, being a casual star-burster.

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Wilson fisk wins . Fisk is too fast for Thor.

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Lol what? Thor wins

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Thor dropkicks

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Thor is not that bad at all.

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Thor's only possible disadvantage is strength. Everything else he has the advantage in

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Thor wins. Muscle>Fat fisk has no size advantsge which he used in all of his fights

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Fisk takes a beating

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Fisk. Thor can't overpower him and that's really all he has going for him in unarmed fights.

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Fisk wins, lol

Thor depowered is a tank. Fisk is a bigger tank, with more feats, better strength overall, and obviously, has more fighting experience than Thor, who has only had one fight while depowered, and struggled with fodder. Meanwhile Fisk casually stomps fodder, and gives massively skilled foes headaches with his ability to ragdoll and shrug off attacks.

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I think thor's size might throw fisk off. He hasn't fought anyone as big/bigger than himself. Also as stated before Thor is a brick.

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Fisk doesn't stomp fodder, he's borderline fodder himself.

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I'd back Thor, Fisks main advantage in fights is his overbearing size/strength. Thor is pretty much the same size, unworthy he's probably a bit weaker than Fisk but not a huge gap. And Thor would have the skill and speed advantage so I'd back Thor.

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Thor stomps lmao