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- Nebula is part of Titan Crew

- Random Encounter

- In Character

- Standard Gear, No Time Stone

- Battle takes place on Titan

- Perfect Teamwork

- Win by any means except bfr

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its sue vs strange

strange will have this majority

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Strange and Tony could give a decent fight by themselves. The rest probably tip it in MCU's favor.

Team MCU 8-9/10.

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Titan crew handily

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Titan crew

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Supernova, the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom stomp. Invisible Woman could just trap all of them inside of forcefields then have Johnny fry them inside.

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Titan crew with ease, strange could solo to be honest, bfr , mirrow dimension, crimsons bands, adding iron man and d rest just makes it a stomp

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Titan crew with Strange MVP

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The Titan crew wins.