MCU: Thor and Captain Marvel vs Hela and Thanos

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  • Binary Captain Marvel, IW Prime Thor, Endgame Thanos with blade
  • Takes place at the end of EG
  • Bloodlusted
  • Win by any means except bfr
  • Start 50 ft apart
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Team 1. Captain Marvel MVP.

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Team 2 should take the majority.

Thor has the best weapon but hes also the weak link in cqc.

Thanos and Hela are better fighters and are more brutal fighters on top of that I think they team up on Carol with Thanos capable of beating or stale mating either hero he faces.

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Team 2.

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Team 2. Thanos > either here and Hela probably is too. Sends blades flying through Carol and dominates Thor again.

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Team two

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Team 2 for solid majority

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Thor is a weak link - Team 2

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Thanos and Hela FTW. Hela can one shot Carol (cry) and then Thanos proceeds to kill Thor with his fist.

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thanos solo

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Probably Thanos and Hela.

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Heroes. I am one of the firm believes that Carol could have taken Thanos out if he hadn’t used any of the gems. And Thor can probably match his sister long enough for Carol to help out.

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T2 stomps

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Thor can hang with Hela without a weapon..... tho that makes me wonder if Hela cam strait up break stormbreaker.


I’ll reserve my vote until I read more opinions.

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I'd say 50/50

would bet to Team 1

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If Thor tries to melee Thanos he's dead. If he throws SB it just gets caught by either Thanos or Hela. CM has decent strength and excellent durability but both overpower her and she dies to spikes

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Hela could solo, so could Thanos. As a team they stomp.

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Team 2 comfortably. Both of them hace demonstrated h2h superiority over Thor and his greatest weapon can be wrilded by his enemies without restriction.

It is still up in the air whether Carol can take either of them hand to hand when they are at 100%. However, she lacks good piercing feats so Hela and Thanos may be able to carve her up, especially after one of them disposes of Thor and they gang up on her.