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1. Master Chief (With an assault rifle, shotgun, and DMR.)

2. The Arbiter (With a covenant carbine and an energy sword.)

3. The Last Dragonborn (With a full set of daedric armor, and full set of dragonbone weapons. All spells and shouts. No potions or enchantments. Gameplay DB, not lore DB.)

4. Kratos

5. The Ashen One (With full Armor of the Sun set, Lothric Knight Sword, Longsword, and Black Knight Shield. All spells. No potions.)

Fight takes place on Titan. The team has an hour to prepare and plan their attack. Prep time would be taken away if the fight is too one sided.

Thanos has all infinity stones except the time stone. He gets no prep time.

Basically just take the battle on Titan in Infinity War and replace Iron Man and his team with these guys.

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The Dragonborn can solo, I think.

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Kratos can arguably solo since he controls time

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MCU Thanos was bamf but this team decimates.

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Is it that one sided? Keep in mind this is the Dragonborn from gameplay, not lore. So no shouts that can destroy mountains or completely stop time.

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Thanos dies pretty quickly. If it isn't the Arbiter stabbing him through the heart with a weapon he can't tank, then it's Kratos wrecking him, or the Dragonborn spamming shouts at him. The only one that can't do much in this scenario is Chief due to his weapons.

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TLD solos, slows time and decapitates

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Team stomps.

Dovakhin and Kratos are more than enough, either of them might solo to be honest.

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Kratods solos but the reality gem can deal with the rest.