MCU Thanos vs FOX Apocalypse

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Posted by IcyGlazeSaba (70 posts) 1 year, 13 days ago

Poll: MCU Thanos vs FOX Apocalypse (75 votes)

Thanos 52%
Apocalypse 48%

Thanos with Power and Space stones

Battle to Death!

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#51 Posted by uchihaghost (1065 posts) - - Show Bio

@apex_pretador: Thanos stomps

- choking mystic (not impressive)

- thanos killed louki with a choke by breaking his neck, and louki is more impressive than mystic.

- breaking quicksilvers leg (also not impressive

- thanos was shredding IM's armour and plucked the mind stone from visions forhead.

- Apocalypse glued vision to the wall, thats cute...

- thanos glued the hulk to a rock.

Thanos is just superior with the stones.

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#52 Posted by newyorkjetsarecool (621 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanos but it's close

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#53 Posted by icec0ld (1425 posts) - - Show Bio

Apocalypse easily. He could do whatever he wanted without stones. Every attack they hit him with he adapted to it. He had an answer for superspeed, tk, telepathy, Thanos can't do anything to him.

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#54 Posted by pastepotpete1 (3489 posts) - - Show Bio

@johnnyx5: i dont think do that

I got a very lousy seat all the way in the front I had to sit with my body and the butterfly position with my legs up

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#55 Posted by Aka_aka_aka_ak (3214 posts) - - Show Bio

Apocalypse not remotely close. In fact I would say mismatch. There's no way in hell Thanos is ever getting to close his fist (not that it would do him much good). Apocalypse can turn the gauntlet to dust, snap Thanos' wrist with TK, hell, snap his neck with TK for that matter. Also given that he made that stone thing around QS's leg in the time between his max speed steps he can just encapsulate Thanos is stone instantly, or just instantly turn him to dust. I mean this is actually a mismatch.

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#56 Edited by deactivated-5cd199bca0205 (74 posts) - - Show Bio

This could go either way, it's real close..but leaning towards Apocalypse

It took a full Phoenix blast just to destroy him and that was when his shields finally went down

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This thread is funny. While Thanos is definitely portrayed as a more Universal threat, Apocalypse has a power range and intellectual capacity that exceeds Thanos by many leagues, in BOTH movies and comics. Focusing purely on the movies, the only way Thanos could dream of beating Apocalypse is with all of the stones, and even then Apocalypse can effortlessly stop him from snapping with a simple thought.

People look down on Apocalypse because of how easily he appeared to go down in the movie, but that is very misleading. Apocalypse could have defeated all of the X-Men with extreme ease, but he clearly had no intention to kill them. He was mostly toying with them the whole movie and trying to carry out his plan against the humans, leaving the world for mutants (aka his "Children"). Apocalypses entire purpose on earth as charged by the Celestials was to foster and guide mutant evolution to ensure their survival, not to kill mutants. It took the phoenix force to kill him, which is considered on par or more powerful than all the infinity stones combined. His last line in the movie "all is revealed" had to do with the fact that he realized he was no longer needed on earth after witnessing the one of the most powerful forces in existence in a mutant - ie there is no higher possible power a mutant could attain, so Apocalypses job was basically done. Apocalypses movie power set is still borderline incomprehensible, even with how he was holding back, it was clearly indicated what powers he did possess. He's capable of so many feats that he couldn't even take the X-Men seriously and was toying with them at 1% most of the time (which turned out to be a fatal flaw of his). Apocalypse has the ability to augment any of his powers to a near infinite level to achieve his goals, which is both comic lore and and strongly hinted at in the movies.

It's not even worth listing out the number of ways Apocs could beat Thanos. He possesses the ability to atomically alter atoms telekinetically, is telepathic, incredible healing factor, etc. He could literally turn Thanos into dust with a thought if he wanted to. Teleport him into the Sun. Kill him with a brain aneurysm. Make his own body bigger/stronger than Thanos, etc. Thanos can do virtually nothing to Apocalypse. Even with the infinity stones, Apocalypse could just turn the gauntlet to dust before a snap can happen. Apocalypse can react at QuickSilver level speeds. Etc. There's no contest lol.

Anyone who thinks Thanos could win should take another look into both movies and comics. Both are highly intelligent but Apocalypse is on another level. If Thanos had an IQ of 300, Apocalypse is at 3000. Thanos is smarter than most marvel characters, with enough physical prowess, knowledge, and ambition to pose a threat to the Universe.... but if Apocalypse had anywhere near Thanos level of Ambition, he'd make Thanos look like an ant. The plans that Thanos dedicates his whole life to perfected are plans Apocalypse can intuitively deduce while half-asleep. There's noooo contest at all.

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#58 Posted by GeorgeWBush (12637 posts) - - Show Bio

What were the feats with the space stone???

He isn’t beating him with the power gem alone

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@johnnyx5 said:

@pastepotpete1: he pulled the power stone off the Gauntlet and used it in his other hand to punch her. Watch the scene again. You can even see a trace of the energy source while he punched her

can you show a clip? it was not really a great movie the first one was written much better why was it when they fighting on earth .. the US , united Nations China just did absolutley nothing while the fighting took place ? also , that earth didnt look our earth looked like a waste land ..also , why didnt ms marvel bring kree with her she was still with the kree at that time .. plus was there really any need to get all those super hero why not just get odin .. he had all the infinity stones before and he got bored with it .. i guess strange didnt know who odin was and Thor's looney- mind was too far gone to tell dr strange

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#60 Posted by Johnnyx5 (387 posts) - - Show Bio

@pastepotpete1: not sure what source would have a scene of that already

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Power stone can destroy a planet. Space stone can stop enemy's body.

Apocalypse stops and dies.

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#62 Posted by pastepotpete1 (3489 posts) - - Show Bio

@guest123 said:

Power stone can destroy a planet. Space stone can stop enemy's body.

Apocalypse stops and dies.

the moon is not a planet

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#63 Posted by AlexTheBoss (18920 posts) - - Show Bio


What were the feats with the space stone???

It was mostly just used for teleportation, but he did use it to create a mini black hole. It also teleported a bunch of moon debris.

He isn’t beating him with the power gem alone

Why? He destroyed a good portion of a moon's surface with it, and it was implied Ronan could life wipe a planet with it.