MCU Thanos vs CBM Bricks

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Thanos fully armored, with his sword and bloodlusted as in Endgame.

Team: Sony Venom, MCU Abomination, Fox Juggernaut and Colossus and MCU Hulk

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On Grandmaster's arena, to KO or death.

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Those are all fodders but i can see them giving a good fight.

Colossus might be able to win.

Do a real thanos vs bricks : Kurse , DD , Destroyer....

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I can see Venom possessing Thanos and Abomination caries the team

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Venom is not a brick.

Thanos still wins though.

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Thanos. Maybe if Venom can posses him, then the team has a chance.

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Thanos with ease.

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Venom solos

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Thanos stomps. The team needs more members.

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Thanos stomps

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@whyzoserious: Venom may be able to possess him or damage his internal organs. everyone but Hulk gets one shotted

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Thanos wins

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Thanos beats everyone here.