MCU Thanos invades prime MCU Asgard

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Posted by Turr (1187 posts) 1 year, 24 days ago

Poll: MCU Thanos invades prime MCU Asgard (70 votes)

MCU Thanos wins 31%
MCU prime Asgard wins 57%
Too hard to tell 9%
Results 3%

Before Iron Man 1 movie happens, let's assume MCU Thanos hears rumors that Asgard has the infinity gauntlet (doesn't know that their gauntlet is a fake trophy) and he invades Asgard while it's still in it's prime. When Odin sees Thanos invading, he releases Hela from her prison, and promises to keep her free if she joins the fight in Asgard's favor, and Hela agrees to that. She has time to ressurect all of her zombie pets. Here is what both teams would look like by my rough calculations:

MCU Thanos team:

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- Base Thanos (in his golden armor, no gauntlet) +Thanos's battle ship and it's crew

- Ronan (no power stone, just his universal weapon) + Ronan's battle ship and it's crew

- Gamora

- Nebula

- Corvus Glaive

- Cull Obsidian

- Ebony Maw

- Proxima Midnight

- The Other

- about 10 000 outsiders and the machines that accompanied them in Wakanda invasion

- about 10 000 chitauri and the leviathans + ships + mothership that accompanied them in New York invasion.

MCU Asgard team:

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- Odin

- Frigga

- Loki (daggers)

- Thor (pre Thor 1, so with Mjolnir, and kinda reckless Thor)

- Hela

- Fenris

- The Warriors Three

- Heimdall

- Lady Sif

- The Destroyer

- Skurge

- about 10 000 Asgardian Zombies

- about 10 000 Asgardian Soldiers

- 100 Asgardian battle ships

- defensive turret-balista surrounding the palace

- The palace's shields

All in character. Can Thanos succeed, beat Asgard in it's prime and reach the fake gauntlet? We assume Asgard can not use bifrost as a weapon, as we did not see them do this when dark elves invaded, it doesn't seem to be their standard defensive mechanism. Who wins and why?

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#51 Posted by APEX_pretador (21440 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanos army.

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#52 Posted by nn5 (355 posts) - - Show Bio

Asgard may win due to OP conditions. But Asgardian army Hela defeated wasn't 10000 strong as wasn't her zombie army. Both armies looked really small to me. So Asgardians, even though they are better individually, will get outnumbered by Chitauri and Outriders IMO.

I think Thanos can't beat Odin and Hela individually but I don't know if Asgard has any answer to Sanctuary II (maybe Stormbreaker Thor could repeat Cap Marvel' feat but likely no one here does this). Because Thanos doesn't have Sanctuary here, only smaller ships so Asgard victory seems solid.

If Thanos gets all his forces, Asgard loses Hela/Fenris/zombies and it's army isn't 10000 (which probably would be normal conditions if that battle took place in MCU) then it's much closer (only Odin is a game-changer here, he may be able to turn tide of the battle).

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#53 Posted by Soratoumiga (4221 posts) - - Show Bio

It's not a coincidence that Hela and Odin died, and Asgard was destroyed before Thanos started to seek for the Stones, directly. Pretty sure he also waited for the Ancient One to die.

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#54 Posted by FinalKingThanos (2611 posts) - - Show Bio


Thanos has already had a stone and at least started searching since 2012 so that’s not entirely true.

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#55 Posted by Soratoumiga (4221 posts) - - Show Bio

@finalkingthanos: I know, but I said "directly", implying that he got out to search for the stones himself, instead of sending pawns (like Loki) to get him the Stones.

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#56 Posted by Lan_Fan (16729 posts) - - Show Bio

Asgard, easily.

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#57 Posted by FinalKingThanos (2611 posts) - - Show Bio


I guess you could argue that but when he does go directly he would have the power stone first either way so I don’t see Asgard stopping him at this point, maybe during the 9 realms conquest.

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#58 Posted by JDogg (1239 posts) - - Show Bio

Asgard stomps.

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#59 Edited by Doofasa (2229 posts) - - Show Bio

Stating that Thanos waited until Odin died before seeking the stones himself is false. The directors stated that he waited until he knew the location of the final stone (the soul stone) to make his move.

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#60 Posted by Kirkseven (3249 posts) - - Show Bio

Probably assgaurd

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#61 Posted by Thoromdil (1900 posts) - - Show Bio

wow. After base Thanos beat the shit out of Cap, Thor and Iron man at the same time, people still think he would lose to Hela? Ragnarok wank is a lot bigger then I thought. I mean Ragnarok Thor was clearly portrayed as rivaling Hela in power, and Thanos beat the same Thor wielding Stormbreaker and with even better backup than Thor had against Hela. Thanos vs Hela should be considered incredibly one sided. Not to mention his helicopter blade which can shatter vibranium should be a perfect tool to hurt Hela, considering she never tanked anything even remotely as impressive.

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