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MCU Team: Black Widow, Hawkeye, Daredevil, Punisher

Black WidowHawkeyeDaredevilPunisher
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DC Team: DCEU Batman Nolan Batman, DCEU Deadshot, CW Arrow

DCEU BatmanNolan BatmanDCEU DeadshotCW Arrow
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Location: A generic, deserted city block, which none of the combatants are familiar with. Takes place at night but with plenty lighting from street lamps etc.

Rules: All combatants are in character, but will not interfere with the fighting methods of their own team members. For example, Daredevil will not attempt to stop Punisher from using lethal force. Both teams have perfect teamwork. Victory is achieved once all members of the opposing team have been killed/incapacitated.

Round 1: All combatants have their standard gear and full knowledge of the opposing teams members and abilities.

Round 2: All combatants have their standard gear but no knowledge of their opposing team other than the number members in it.

Round 3: No gear. Normal athletic clothing only. Strictly hand to hand combat. Fight takes place in a large open area with no physical obstacles.

Bonus Round: Same as Round 2 except every man/woman to him/herself. Who comes out on top?

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Lawton I assume...

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DC team

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well... let's see:

Punisher = Deathstroke

Hawkeye = Arrow

But the DCEU Batman are more dangerous than Black Widow.

Daredevil is big question. Is he able to bring down Nolan Batman?? Or DCEU?

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(Sees two Batman in second team)

lol that one.

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Deadshot could solo.

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deathshot solo and stomp

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@stewartg: It's Deadshot not Deathstroke. And two Batmans? Come on, replace one of them with someone from CW like, I don't know, Spartan or Nyssa.

Rounds 1-2: Floyd solos.

Round 3: Team 2 with Arrow as MVP. DCEU Batman beats Nat, Clint and Frank and should beat Matt. Baleman should (at a very least) hold his own against everyone in team 1. I don't know how good of h2h fighter is Floyd.

Bonus: Propably Floyd.

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DC team all rounds

But Nolan Bat is a weak link here.

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MCU team, all rounds except 3.